Chapter 1

My name is Anya short for Anastasia. I am a princess of the planet Voin. I am searching for a husband but he has to be perfect for me. A few days ago I met a young farm boy on the planet Nien. His name is Titus. I asked him why he had that name. He said it was because he had the power to control water. Being curious unlike my 9 sisters and parents, I asked if he would show me. He did. He took my hand and took me to a nearby lake and brought me out into the water. The water was cool to the touch but I forgot about it quickly. Titus closed his eyes and spoke in a soft whisper as he said some sort of chant. The water started churning and spinning then burst into a water cyclone. It was so amazing I couldn't believe my eyes. As soon as he opened his eyes the water was calm again. I told him he was very special to have that gift. We got out of the water and went to the house to dry off. He asked me why I was here. I told him I was looking for a husband. Then he asked how old I was. I said, " sixteen!" He said, " isn't that a little young to be traveling by yourself, there could be robbers and bandits around?" " No, not where I'm from!" I told him. He looked at me with his blue eyes and from the look on his face I could tell he knew something." Where are you from?" he asked. " I'm from the royal planet of Voin!" I said. A shock of surprise came over his face. " You're the Princess Anya everyone is talking about!" " Yes, indeed I am." I told him. Finally we got everything straightened out. I stayed with him and his father for about three days. On the day I was leaving to go back home we went swimming one last time. He held my head in his hand and said " I hope we'll see each other again!" " I know but my father insists that I come home right away!" I said. Tears began streaming down my face. Then he kissed me. His soft, wet lips touching mine gave me a strange feeling inside. It's probably love. Minutes later we got out of the lake and dried off. He walked me to my ship and we said our good-byes. And I haven't seen him since.

Now about a year later I'm back home still waiting for the right man to be my husband. Sitting on the windowsill with the cool summer breeze in my face I think about Titus. It's about four days until my birthday and I'll be seventeen, old enough to get married. Knock! Knock! " Yes, who is it?" I asked. A voice came from behind the door " It's Butler, I have a message for you my lady!" " Come in!" I said. He walks in and hands me the letter. " It does not say whom it's from!" he tells me. " Well I'll just find then!" I rip open the envelope to find a very short letter. It read: my dear Anya, I'm coming to your planet. Meet me by the lake at 12:00 midnight tonight. Hope to see you. Tears began to stream down my face. I'm am happy to know I will see Titus again. Just then I realized that Butler was still there. "Tell my parents I will be out tonight!" "Yes my lady!" he bowed and walked away. Rosalie my servant walks in." Oh, hello my lady. Getting ready for your big birthday ball." She says while she waters the bouquets. "No not really, I'm spending my birthday out of the castle." I told her. She looks at me with wonder. "So, she says, is it with someone special. You know you can tell me.