Chapter 10

Father stands up again. "It is time ladies and gentlemen. One of these lucky bachelors will be crowned our next king. Anya you may rise and tell us whom you choose." I stand up but stay quiet. I hadn't yet figured out what to do. "Well." father said. "Neither!" I yelled out. "Pardon me Anya did you say." "Neither! I don't want to marry either of them." I interrupted. "Why not?" he asked. I looked at Titus then at Zachary. "One, one of them has no respect for others feelings and secrets, that's how woman get their hearts broken. Second, the other has shown his true colors and he is untrust worthy because he lives a lie." Zachary stands up," I can explain she's saying that all this time of searching she had already chosen a husband. He's that farm boy over there who thinks he's a prince!" He points to Titus. Everyone's eyes get wide open especially fathers. "Anya? Is Zachary telling the truth?" he asked. I take a deep breath, "Yes!" It became quiet, absolutely quiet, so quiet that you could here a pin drop and hit the ground. Even the crickets outside stopped chirping. "Who else knew about this?" father asked. My mother, sisters, and Rosalie all step forward. "All of you knew about this and didn't bother to notify me!" father said getting louder. My sisters, mother, and Rosalie all start talking at once. "Silence!!" yelled father. They became quiet. "Your majesty, "Zachary started, "I can explain everything!" "Yes I'm sure you can Zachary but my daughter would do it better! Anya would you care to explain what Zachary was trying to explain!" he said. " "No!" I yelled. "Anya I demand that you explain!" "No father I wont. No one else deserves to know about my love life except me and the one I love, who just happens not to be a prince!" I yelled back. Everyone gasps! "Well it seems we will have to resume this for tomorrow evening. Everyone is welcome to stay the night." Father says while walking up stairs to his room. Everyone followed and went to the spare rooms. Only me and Titus were left down stairs. "Well, "Titus said, "I'm not quite used to that sort of ball." I turned to him, "What are you talking about you said you have never been to a ball before!" I said to him. "Well that's what I didn't tell you." he said. "Tell me what?" I asked. "That I'm a real prince. The farm boy was for cover up. And there is such a person as Prince Timothy!" he said. "You're telling me you're actually a prince and your name is Timothy!" "No, my name is Titus. Timothy was my younger brother but he died." "Why didn't you tell me!" I yelled. "I was waiting for the right time!" he said. "So now is the right time to tell me! So does this mean your father is a king." I asked. "No, he is actually my uncle but my real father is the King of Nien." I put my head in my hand and shook my head. "So I could have just said I wish to marry Prince Titus or Timothy!?" I asked. "!" he said slowly. "I give up good night Titus!" I got up and went to my room. When I got there Rosalie had already gotten everything out and was sleeping on a cot by the windows. I got changed and went to bed. The next evening I put on my wedding dress because I would still have to choose a husband and marry him. I walked down stairs where everyone was waiting. "Good morning Anastasia, we hope you have thought about which man you wish to marry!" father said as I walked down the steps. "Yes I have father, but first I wish to say that Timothy's real name is Titus and IS a prince!" I said to everyone. "Does this mean you choose Prince Timoth.Titus as your husband?" he asked. Titus sat up in his chair. "Yes father it does!" I replied. "I object!" yells Zachary. "Zachary you don't have a say for whom I wish to marry!" I yell at him, "I said I wanted to marry Titus and that's what I'm going to do whether you like it or not!" Zachary tripped over the foot of his chair and landed face flat on the floor. Everyone laughed and cheered. Titus came up to me and kissed me in front of everyone.

Titus and I were happily married that evening and are now awaiting the delivery of our first child. It's a boy! Titus our new king has given him the name Christopher. I hope you enjoyed this story. I wish you the best of luck! THE END! (