By Ame Lockheart

Smiling in this joy of mine,

I run past the lake where frogs and toads dine.

Into where the stream flows free,

Sparkling, Shimmering, and beautiful to see.

 He is the only one that understands my pace,

Smiling and laughing as together we race.

Our hands clasp together as we run.

Nothing can beat us, not under this sun.

Here in this leafy, comforting place,

There is nothing to worry about, no problems to face.

No one to tell us what to say, Just laughing and playing the day away.

The trees are dense now, flying by.

 Anything is possible, if you try.

The only darkness comes as night draws near.

But here in this wonderful place, there's nothing to fear.

The lady of night has soft kisses with the gift of sleep.

 The creatures fall gently into the dreams she reaps.