Maybe Then You'll Fly

I can't change the past,

I know it, we all do.

But I can try and stop it

Before it happens anew.

There's always another path

Luck will always come back

But if you do something awful

Life'll suck, it's a fact

I know you won't hear me,

I know I'm not strong,

But at least I'm not the one

Who stopped, wouldn't go on.

You think it makes you tough?

You think we think you're cool?

Well, your wrong, you know.

We think you're a fool.

Because you did it,

Because they're gone,

Because you were weak,

Your life won't go on.

You'll never again see love

You'll never see light.

You'll be stuck down in hell

Stuck in a never-ending fight.

I don't know about you,

But that's not for me.

See I wanna go to heaven

And stay there, free.

So don't do it.

Don't try.

Stay here a while longer

And maybe then you'll fly.