By:Andrew Troy Keller

I am Count Vladamir Rostov.
I am one of those mortals are very afraid of.
I am a vampire and it is human blood that I crave.
Also,I have the power to turn any mortal into my slave
And force them to serve the house of Rostov.

It has indeed been an eternity since I've last saw her--
She who was supposed to be my beloved wife.
That was before a dreadful monster had destroyed my life
And drained my beloved Kitra of every last bit of blood within her.

Century after century,
I had realized that I have no choice,but to be
The same type of monster
Just like the one that had taken her
Away from me.

Then one evening,
After I had awakened from a day of sleeping,
I had a feeling that had reached to my very core.
A feeling that I was not in my native Russia any more.
I have opened my window and casted my eyes upon a different setting.

Suddenly,I have heard something coming from the drawing room.
It was a sound of happiness--not of gloom.
Just then,I had discovered that it was a party
That was being held by a man named D.J. Hardy,
One of the many happy souls within the room.

"Good evening,Mr. Hardy.",
I have said,after I had decided to join the party.
"I do not wish to spoil your party.You see,I am Count Vladamir
Rostov and I demand to know why is my ancestral home here."
"Oh,I'm sorry,Count.I've had no idea.",answered a smiling D.J. Hardy.

After he had placed his champaign glass on the table,
He had told me the most interesting fable
About how he had came upon my home while being in
My native Russia on a 'vacation'.
"It had everything.",he had said."Including a large stable."

He was so moved by this and everything
Within it,that he had decided to place it in the setting
Of Elyria,Ohio--which is his 'hometown'.
Suddenly,I have discovered a very beautiful girl with a frown
On her face,for she has been sad all evening.

"Who is that fair beauty?",I have asked the host.
He had told me that she was missing her friends in the 'North Coast'.
He had also told me that her name is Katherine
And even though there were many men
Willing to love her,she was only able to see their meager boasts.

Just then,I have decided to walk over to her
And say,"Good evening.Your father
Had described you to me.
And if I may say so,you are such a beauty."
But then,I had looked closer
And discovered that the spirit of my beloved Kitra was upon her.

I was so moved by her resemblance
That I had asked fair Katherine to dance
With me.
And of course,she had agreed
To join me in a dance.

And while the others had continued dancing into the night,
Katherine and I were taking a walk in the garden under the moonlight.
And then,my eyes had gazed upon her
Eyes before I had asked,"Will you be with me--forever?"
"I really don't know.",she had said,as a little fright fell upon her.

But of course,after I had wiped away her tears,
I had said,"Now-now,my darling.There will be nothing to fear."
And with that,Katherine had exposed the soft flesh
On her neck,allowing me to sink my fangs into such flesh
And drink her blood with nothing for myself to fear.

Now,from what I had heard,after the party
Had ended,everyone was looking for Katherine--including D.J. Hardy,
Who had not realized she has become my immortal bride
And is indeed 'taking it all in stride'.
Of course,there is one thing that I would like to say to Mr. Hardy.