Author's notes: Hey, I'm back!  This time I'm going to try another one of my original thoughts.  I started to create my own anime called Mystic's Crystals.  All the character's names are in Japanese, so if you wondering why their names were so weird, that's why.  Anyway this is the short story of what would be the first season if it was ever a cartoon… only if I was that talented… Oh well, tell me what you think! ^-^!

Oki- lead girl, 15

Akiko- Oki's best friend, 15

Chika- 13

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Mystic's Crystals

          Oki stepped off the bus and walked with her friend, Akiko, to her apartment.  "So Akiko, how did you do on that Chemistry test?"

            "Don't even ask."

            "Yeah, I know.  My mom is going to kill me too."

            "And you are suppose to be the smart one?"

            "That, my friend, is a bad judge of character."

            "Come on, you know that you are a genius."

            "I wish some of that genius would show up in Chem."

            "I don't think anyone's genius shows up in that class."

            "Yeah, tell me about it."

            "Well, here is my house see ya later!"

            "See ya!" Oki waved as she kept walking down to her dad's apartment.  "Well there goes my Chemistry grade."  She turned the corner when an idea popped into her head, "Only one person's voice could make me happy right now!"  She started to sprint toward the apartment when reality started to sink in.  A few months ago, her best friend, Kin, had gone missing.  Many people thought that he had just run off, but Oki and a few others believe that someone took him away, and he is alive.  Oki as never given up hope to find him, no matter how helpless it seemed at times.  'I have to stop mentally slapping myself like this.  But I know that I can't stop looking for him when I know that he is out there, alive.'  Oki walked the rest of the way to the apartment with her head down watching the asphalt passing under her feet.

            As soon as Oki opened the door she threw her backpack on the ground and headed straight for the computer.  "I hope dad doesn't have to call me, saying that he is late or anything."  Oki connected to the Internet and went directly to her e-mail.  Going down the line of sent from Oki started to name off the type of mail, "Junk, junk, junk, junk, ju- hey, what is this?"  Oki stared at a strange address that she has never seen before.  She looked at the address wondering who it could be, "Maybe it is Akiko, she is always changing her address and maybe she has a question about or homework."  Oki opened the e-mail and started to read:

            I was just wondering…the picture you drew of Mystic and posted it on your website…did you have it in a dream?  Did it talk to you?  Please e-mail me back.

            It didn't have any name at the bottom of it, and none of her friends knew about the picture that she drew.  'Akiko and Hisa don't have senses of humor like this.'  She decided to respond since she was curious to whom this person was, and how she knew all about the inspiration for her drawing.  The drawing was of a beautiful unicorn that was white, had a blue mane with light blue streaks going through it.  Mystic, as she named it, had a golden horn and a sapphire at the base of the horn.  The unicorn had two huge wings that seemed to reach toward the sky.  She typed:

            Yeah, how did you know that it came from a dream?  And that she talked to me?  Did you have the same dream?  And who are you?


            Oki was cautious about the person, but sent the message to the person anyway.  She waited for a reply, but didn't have to wait long, because it only took about five minutes before the person responded.  She said that she did have the same dream, and that she wanted to know more about the dream that Oki had.  "Her name was Mystic," Oki said out loud as she typed on her keyboard.  Before she could continue Oki blinked and found herself face to face with Mystic.  Mystic looked as if she was mouthing something to her, but she couldn't hear her. She would usually think that it seemed weird for a winged unicorn was talking to her, but some how this was different, and was kind of expected.  Then one second later, the scene changed to a field full of unicorns with and without wings.  Then all of them were running from something dark coming over the mountains, chasing them.  Oki blinked back to reality and continued to type her message to her new friend that she found out was named Chika.

            The next few days Oki couldn't get two subjects off her mind.  One was the mysterious and sometimes scary e-mails from Chika, but the other half of the time she was thinking about Kin.  She couldn't help it, even during colorguard practice, and usually at practice everything from her mind clears.  He was on her mind almost constantly, and Akiko noticed it.  During lunch Oki stared off into space and Akiko pushed her into the bushes behind them, and woke Oki up, but Akiko was almost knocked out by Oki throwing her into the bushes that she was in only a few seconds ago.

**That Weekend**

            "I'm telling you guys, that the girl had the same dream that I did."

            "Yeah right, Oki.  It is probably just your over powered imagination again," said Hisa, another one of Oki's friends.

            Oki pouted her lip and fell asleep in her own sleeping bag, "Fine, don't believe me."  Unknown to her or Hisa, Akiko was very interested by the story and remembered a dream that she once had when she was little, of a black unicorn foal with a black mane with red streaks going through it without wings, named Nightstar.  The foal had a little stub of a horn and a ruby at the base of it.  Akiko went to sleep thinking of what it could mean.

            The next morning Oki woke up and was starting to get hungry.  Oki turned to Akiko and poked her left temple near her eye to wake her up.  Akiko turned over to face Oki and gave her an evil eye.  Then out of nowhere Akiko's face turned to fear and surprise.  Oki looked behind them and saw a see through form of Mystic.

            Uh oh! Cliffhanger!  Don't worry I'll get up the next chapter as soon as possible.  The whole story with her friend, Kin will be explained later in the story.  Romance will come in later in the story!  Anyway tell me what you think!  Please review!  ^-^!