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Chapter 12: Happy Endings

Akiko walked into Oki's room, "Oki, it's been weeks.  Maybe months, I've been worried about you so much that I've lost how much time has gone by."

Oki said nothing.  She hugged her pillow tighter and looked blankly at the wall.  When Oki and the others came back, it was like they had never left.  It was the exact point in time they left to go to the other world.

"You got to get up.  It's not healthy to sit here all day, just moping like you are," Akiko still got no response, "By the way, Chika agrees with me.  Come on, you need to get up and out of bed to get back into life.  I'm so worried about you."

Akiko sighed and turned to walk out of the room, she would try again tomorrow.

"I lost them both you know," Oki spoke softly.  Akiko turned around and sat back down next to her.

"You didn't lose them.  Makoto is still there, you know that.  And Kin . . . you had to.  You know that too.  Now come on."

"How long?  How long until I see Makoto again?  I'll never know.  And we could never be together because of where we are.  I'm here in this world, while he has to rule over the world there.  It's just not fair!"

"How ever long it has to take, Oki.  Now come on," Akiko nudged her in the side, "They're giving ice cream away at Baskin Robins.  Apparently their freezer broke down."

"Even though I would love to go on an ice cream splurge, I have something else planned today.  So no thanks," Oki swung her legs over the side of the bed.

"Alright, suit yourself," Akiko left, happy that she at least got Oki to talk to her.

Oki pulled herself up, out of bed and into her closet.  She found her new shorts and a cute top and put them on.  She grabbed a rose from one of the vases in the family room and rushed out the door.  Her father was surprised to see her out of her room, but didn't ask where she was going.

Oki watched the park, taking her time toward the spot underneath her tree.  She had found it after half an hour of walking.  She strolled over to the tree and placed her hand on the rough bark.  She leaned against it and dropped the rose on the ground, near the base of the tree.  She knelt down and watched the light wind play with the rose's petals.

"You know, you now have been gone for four months, Kin.  And now, for the first time, I know for sure that you are not coming back.  I guess that I can count this as my unhappy anniversary."

She saw others walk around her, oblivious to the small tribute to her best friend, "I'm sorry that I couldn't save you."

"You did so much more then just save," she heard a deep voice behind her.

"It can't be," she turned around and saw Makoto looking at her.  He had his hands in his jeans pockets as he leaned against the tree.  He wore clothes were like something that a boy would wear at Oki's school.  He smiled at her, "Makoto . . ."

She flung herself off the ground and into his arms, crying freely into his shirt.  "Oh, Makoto . . . I thought that you-  why- how are you here?"

"You finally decided on the question you want to ask?"

"Don't start with me Makoto," she slightly laughed as he whipped the tears on her cheeks.

"You know, I still wonder why I never liked that name.  I wonder why I ever chose to go by my middle name . . . Kin.  It's very strange."

Oki popped her head up, "What?"

"I never told you my full name did I Oki?  All those years . . ."

"What are you talking about, Makoto . . . years . . ."

"It's me Oki.  You never killed me.  It was just an illusion.  It's me Kin."

Oki looked hard into his eyes and saw the truth she had always known, "Kin?"  All her memories became coming back.  The picnic, the countless walks down the paths and the endless nights talking about anything they could think of.  His face returned and the shadows were gone.  It was him.  She finally found him.

"Actually my name is suppose to be Makoto Kin Yuurietsuu, but I always told everyone Kin."  He smiled again.

"But how?"

"After you left, FlyingWind showed me something.  It was a document that recorded my arrival.  I was taken by Yukangan, the evil man, to be his heir as he said, but I refused.  He then took my memories of you and this world to make a double, and then abandoned me to die.  FlyingWind found me and took care of me.  He told me I was Prince so I had something to hold on to . . . Then you came and I thought you seemed so familiar, but it was all in my head.  I fell in love with you all over again."

"But if you weren't Prince then who was?  Everyone called you 'your majesty' and everything."

"Excluding the younger creatures, like Kaede, who had never seen the royal family, they were all bowing to FlyingWind and addressing him.  He is the actual Prince."

"So only the enemy and the unicorns knew, and never told the truth?"

"Yeah, all the elder creatures were taken over easily by the evil force, but the younger creatures were harder to control.  They had never seen the royal family before, therefore they couldn't have known."

"Then you are . . .here to stay?"

"I'm here to stay as long as you love me."

"What else would I do with you?  You're no good for anything else," she walked out of his arms and held her head like she had a headache.

"I'm useless?  How about you?" he started to tickle her on her sides, and grabbed her in a hug and gave her a passionate kiss.

After they broke Oki looked at him, "Now, the problem on what to call you?"

"Why don't we stick with my real name, Makoto?"

"Sounds good," she laid her head on his chest.

A month later, the group finished their school year and Makoto caught up with his studies.  After her last day at school, Oki walked home with Akiko and Makoto following close behind.  Makoto put his arm around Oki's shoulders as she placed her arms around Makoto's waist and Akiko smiled at the two.

As they entered Oki's apartment, they laid their stuff down.  Akiko and Makoto went into the kitchen to get some drinks.  Oki went straight on the Internet and into her e-mail.  She scrolled down and found a message from Chika.  She opened it and read the message:


Snow has contacted me.  They need us, need our help.  Apparently some new bad guys showed up.  The land is in great peril again.  We need our great leader back.  You, Akiko and Makoto up for a new challenge?


"Akiko, Makoto!  Come here quick!"

They both rushed out of the kitchen with only half filled glasses and a carton of juice in hand.  Oki only pointed at the screen, and they began to read.  They both looked at her.

She gave them a small, smug smile, "What do you say, guys?  Are you guys ready for a new challenge?"

They both gave her smile back and nodded their heads.

Oki turned back to the computer:

Bring it on, Chika.  When are we leaving?