"I dream of Death's coming.
Nightmares of things that happen
within the next few days or even weeks.
Most would call me crazy and half
the time I would agree.
If only this wasn't happening to me.
A dream where I can't seem to breath.
Followed by images of my cousin Matt.
Morning comes and I call,
'Is everything is alright?'
Everyone is fine, nothing is wrong.
I tell them to watch over Matt,
not to let him out of their sight.
Later that evening my mom gets a call.
Matt almost died from an severe asthma attack."

By: Amanda Lopez Helton.

Authors note: This actually happened. I dreamt it and the next evening it happened. My Anut had kept my cousin in sight cause I had dreamt of stuff happening before. They got him to the hospital so everything ended up being alright. Review if you want to!