The Naval Base Beside The Marshland

Of itself: the young
Children in the naval base
Waving cattails while
Grown men lighted pale
And inhuman. Their own
Sort of childhood,
Outside the
Chain link far-reaching
Swamp lands heavy breathing
Of stagnant water:
Grown men
Warmish and ashen
The fire burnt away maple
Forests and sawgrass
Returned, bowing
Now not at heat but the
Roar of pounding engines khaki

You could see the world underneath
Them. Air is quite the

Knee-deep in
Brackish bottomlessness
Hands far from
The cool of metal fences
The sergeant
Cannot drink of
The water below him tho'
It has been
Years and years. He
Shudders as a piece of Iraqi
Desert falls from a
Jet low

Inside the base men tear oil stains from combat jackets and children weep at the
Lift of engines knocking
Over cattails
And frightening the sparrows

The base is near the marshland and the
Grown men weep
As well