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Fate Decides Now

The deadly scream caught in Natasha's throat.

This wasn't right. None of it was. You weren't supposed to hurt a person like this. Love wasn't ment to bind all these emotions together. Just the very word, love, sends a person head first into something so wonderful that it pushes past the limit and ends up right back at the bottom. Spiraling down into all hell.

That's the way it always is though, isn't it? There's always a love/hate relationship to everything. How ironic. You can even love love.

But you can also hate it just as easily. It just summarizes so many emotions. Rage, love, hate, joy, ecstasy, fear, contentment, happiness, shock, laughter, amusment, insanity, warmth, embarassment, suprise, anger, sadness, greif, desire, lust, want, need, compassion, jealousy, possesivness, belonging, bliss, desperation, coldness, confusion.....So why do so many people waste so much time looking for it. It's an impossible feeling that can never be captured.

Because if and when you do find it, fate decides to join in the game.

Her small fragile body shook in terror and grief, a quivering hand pressed over her mouth in shock. She felt the crystaline tears flowing unconrollably from her pale lavander eyes. The eyes that had once sparkled from complete and constant ecstasy. The eyes that would now stay hollow and cold. She ran forward, her feet unable to stay steady on the unstable gravel. The small stones dug mercilessly into her legs and knees as she dropped to the ground, rolling the limp and bloody body onto it's back. She didn't even notice the pain that was being inflicted on her as her own blood stained the coarse rocks crimson.

"Dais..." It sounded as if the name were made of shattered glass by the way it ripped and tore though her thoat.

This is what love gives you. Misery. Death. Insanity.

Natasha's sobs were like convulsions as she held onto the lifeless body of the only man she's ever felt anything for. She'd never felt. But he gave her the strongest emotion of them all. Love.

If only it were as simple as that. But nothing ever is. Because with that word she took on a burden, the burden of the truth. Love is never a fairy tale story. Love is only the definition for life.

The body of the young man was held securly in her arms as she shifted back and forth, their blood mixing in the small pools that were landmarks on their scarlet trail.

Her hand was tangled up in his dark hair, matted down from the blood that flowed in abundance from the large gashes in his head. The same gashes that covered the rest of the corpse she held so protectivly in her arms.

"I'd give anything...I'd suffer through any amount of torture...My life...My happiness..." The words from Natasha's mouth were near silent as they tore themselves out of her raw throat, "I'm nothing without you...Dias...You were my lifeforce...You were my blood...Without you..."

Dais' limp corpse dropped helplessly from Natasha's grasp. Moments later she herself colapsed.

The silence of death said the words that she could never finish.

"Without you...I can't exist..."

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