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Riou's Revenge

A fic written by Leo.

Chapter 1: Riou's Beginning

I am now at the age of twenty. It has been ten years since my family was killed by a band of knights called Draco's legion. I'm the only one left. The only thing I have left of my family is my mother's black material and my father's blacksmith's guide that he made for me.

The day that they were killed I was reading the guide, because I wanted to make my own custom sword. Then I heard a scream of terror. My father ran in, got his armor and sword, kissed us, and told us to hide. He took me aside and told me that he had to go. If he didn't come back I would have to take care of my mother. So he went out to tried to defend us, never to return.

While my mother and I were hiding, it seemed that the war was over. Little did we know that the person that killed my father was looting our house. We thought it was my father that had returned. My mother told me to stay there while she made sure it was O.K. to return to the house. When I heard her scream I looked through a crack to see my mother being run through at that instant. I had a feeling that if I showed my face, I would have suffered the same fate.

After the knights had left I walked out of the woods where I had been hiding. I immediately walked to the place were my mother was lying, barely alive. She told me to take care of myself and to hurry and get as far away from the kingdom as I could. She also told me that my father had been killed by the same person that had injured her. Those were her last words. I carried her body to be buried in a secret place. I never found my father, but I found his charred armor and made a vow to avenge his death. That is how my journey began.

Through the time after my parents died, I spent most of my time reading and making a wardrobe. I had hardly any money so I resorted to stealing, until I met a friend of the family, Jason, who fed me.

By the time I was eighteen I was strong. I had long black hair, and had finally finished my clothes. I wore a white shirt, black pants, and a black trenchcoat. I still hadn't made my sword, but I trained every day.

On my nineteenth birthday the legion struck again. I was away buying steel for my sword. I returned to the village in flames. Jason was dead in the house. He had left me a note that said: If you are reading this, then I have been killed. I left your stuff in the trap door. I also left you some money. Enough to get you by for a while, I hope. You are like the son I never had. Be strong my child! Jason

I was so angry! It seemed as if I could never be where I needed to be. That was it! I was not going to let anyone else get hurt because of me. When the time came they would regret it! I would have my vengeance!

After I had finished buried Jay, I went to the next village. I tried my best to avoid routes of danger. I wasn't ready for battle yet. I still had no weapon and no skill at sword fighting.

I came to a small lake that I had to cross to get to the next village. There was a beautiful girl gathering water from a fountain on the other side. Suddenly, I was ceased by a group of guards accusing me of spying on the princess. I was telling them that I was on a journey and my time could not be wasted when the girl came to me and said, "I am Princess Julia of the Haun Kingdom, and you are?" "I'm Riou of the village of Perth," I responded. "Perth, that village was destroyed by the Knights called Draco's legion, right?" "Yes," I replied, "they killed my family and friends. I am seeking my vengeance." She laughed, "you think that you can take on the legion? Foolish child! Though you do have courage. You come with me to my kingdom where you will be safe. You can even stay at the palace. We will provide you with anything that you need. What do you say?"

"Well, I do need some place to stay for a while," I said. Some place to make my sword. So I agreed to return with the princess.

When we arrived at her palace, everyone welcomed the princess and showed me to my room. I was tired so I fell asleep. When I awoke the princess was at the side of my bed. She asked if I needed anything. I said that I needed to get to the blacksmith's shop, and I needed a horse.

She led me to the stable and told me to pick any horse. There was only one horse out of this giant stable that caught my eye. It was black with a white bolt shape down its nose. With that done, I went to see the blacksmith so that I could make my sword.

I paid the blacksmith to stay out of my way. After four days I had finished the sword. Now for the handle.

I didn't know what to make it of. Then I remembered I had saved a piece of my father's armor. I spent two days molding it into shape. Then I carved a raven into the handle and placed a small red diamond for the raven's eye. My sword was finished! It was beautiful with a silver handle that had horse tail padding and a black dyed blade, except for the sharp part which was shiny steel! It was altogether a 56in. masterpiece!

That brings us up to date. I am still currently staying at the palace. The princess and I have grown quite close, but I have decided to focus on my mission at hand.

Over this period of time, I've heard the legion has destroyed many villages. Leaving behind their symbol of a dragon wherever they strike. Now I'm not only fighting for my family and Jay, but for every life that they have taken!

I have been under the training of Lance, the best Knight in all of Riou Kingdom. I have also been studying martial arts from an old Chinese man. I feel that I am ready to fulfill my destiny. Little did I know that I would have the chance to try my ability sooner than I thought.

About one week later, I was awakened by Julia saying that a small group of legion members had stormed the kingdom. They were looking for a boy from Perth, or me, in other words. We had a rat among us. Julia told me to escape from the back and to run. She would try to hold them off. I denied, if it was me that they wanted, it was me they were going to get.

I decided to attack at night. I got suited up and went to their camp, which was right outside the kingdom. I hid in the trees, scouting my enemies to see what I was up against. It seemed that there were four guards on the ground, two archers in the trees, and the leader of the pack inside the tent.

I cooked up a plan. I decided to take out the two archers first, then the guards at the back, and work my way to the leader. I had to be as quiet as possible. So I crept my way silently through the trees toward the archers. I pulled out two black shurikens and threw them! Killing the archers with direct hits to the center of their throats.

While climbing down from the tree, I pulled out my sword and crept toward the first pair of guards. I threw one of the archer's arrows into the nearby bushes to lure one of the guards away. This would leave the remaining guard vulnerable to my attack. I then came from behind the guard and put a choke hold, that my sensei had taught me, on him and snapped his neck. I didn't let go until I felt all the life drain from his body.

Then as the other guard turned and noticed that his partner was gone, he went to alert the others. But I leapt from a tree, cutting him off, and threw my dagger at him. It hit his arm. He then drew his sword, as did I. He came at me in a blind rage! I blocked, and as he passed I ran the sword through his heart! Then I watched as he died at the mercy of my blade.

I had a feeling of remorse after killing for the first few times. Then I thought of my parents and the way they were killed by Draco's legion, without even the slightest bit of hesitation.

So I put these thoughts of remorse out of my mind and focused on the mission at hand.

I had to take out the other guards. I crept forward drawing my sword as I approached the guard on the left. I let out a small birdlike whistle. As he turned around I took a quick slash, slicing off his arm. Before he could scream, I dropped my sword and quickly snapped his neck. Then the other guard realized something was amiss, and he sounded the alarm!

This awoke the leader of the small clan of the legion. I jumped out and said, "Now it's your turn to die!" Both the remaining guard and the leader turned to me and said, "It's you Riou, the last survivor of Perth. I'm afraid you are mistaken. It is you who shall die!" Then they charged at me with all their might.

They were full of rage for their fallen soldiers. The leader took a slash and I blocked. At the same time I jumped a little bit away landing in a position called the tiger stance. Blocking the other guy's sword which was two inches from my throat, with a push of pure force I knocked him into the leader.

Then they turned to face me. One distracted me and then there was the flash of a smoke bomb that the other had thrown. I couldn't see a damn thing!

I had to rely on my hearing as my master had taught me. So I closed my eyes and focused on my hearing. I could hear the faint sound of footsteps and clinging of their swords as they attacked!

I blocked the first one, but the second sliced open my left shoulder.

Then the smoke cleared.

There in front of me was the leader, who knocked my sword out of my hand. The guard raised his sword to strike.

Luckily, I saw his shadow in the light of the fire.

I grabbed my dagger from my boot, and rolled to his side, jumped up, and slit his throat, soaking my shirt with his blood.

The leader even further enraged charged at me with his sword like a joust.

He was screaming, "You son of a bitch, damn you!" As he got in range, I threw his friend's dead body towards him, and his sword rammed through his own soldier's stomach.

Before he could pull his sword out, I lifted my sword and took his head ending my first battle.

But I new this was only the beginning.

I still had some training to do, so I returned to the palace to further prepare for my vengeance.