Rome And Nuremburg Are Both Far From Here

Well it has never seemed
Much more apparent, if at all
The need for clarification was
Presented: they
Sit 'round me and I
Appease them like
Chamberlain with a smile
That becomes painful and welcome
In turn

How odd! To be making
Such allegories, when all that Chamberlain
Nonsense really led forward this
Whole labeling venture. Here I sit.
And I am among friends.

In my historical context…outside
Milling, the muffled
Child-like laughter and thudding
Against the

The man I am next to is dark like all of them speaking of aero planes.
Not airplanes.
It is not painful they are all
Laughing and he was in the American
Army at Anzio, fought with
The Italian Resistance watched
Them kill one another.

He is an ally who was an enemy when it should not matter
Anymore. Surprisingly

It does not