Apollo And The Flowers Of The Field

Apollo bent down heavens
like marshgrass
said to flowers tilting sunward

"do not love me little ones I am far from you and as unreal as what is after spider webs and all those places of notdark and notlight"

the flowers amongst
themselves felt brush
of goldfinch male
birds raucous and arguing over territory
replied to the sun god

"we have as much to say of loving you as you we. do we not appear unreal to you Apollo as tiny things unknown to shadow and frost here in valleys heeded summer. ah. we shall be telling you not to love."

and with that in flaming pinions
of lightfeather Apollo
brought forth Helios to say

"these flowers in their impudence have reckoned my love"

and wise Helios
bade winter stayed off
yet and the flowers
tilted in shy triumph at
having ousted a god.

Apollo drove off his jeweled
chariot and in secret wept at
trodden flowers for gods
and men
love what is
not best for them.

winter is yet.
Helios wise
and summerfilled.
like the underside of
lily petals.