When everything came apparent, that's when I started realizing, I realized what had happened to my life, that if I didn't help myself, I would probably always regret it. But yet, the only problem was, I didn't know how to help myself.

But how would anyone who just found out they were a werewolf react?

It all started about 1 ½ months before the end of year party, my friend, Kate was holding.

Kate is one of those people who thinks everyone likes her, but that wasn't exactly true, she invited the whole Freshman Class anyway. Well Kate, me, Lily, and Megan (a couple other friends) were discussing what music and food should be at Kate's party, at her house.
I felt sick and since she had a huge backyard I decided to go and walk for a little while.

"I'm gonna go outside for a little bit, I don't feel good." I said and got up from where I was sitting on her bed.

"Okay, but hurry back!" Kate said, not seeming to really care all that much.

"Hey do you want me to come with you?" asked Megan.

"Nah I'm fine, just going for a walk you know." I said back and ran out of the room before any more could be said.

When I got outside I discovered it was a very nice night indeed. It had been quite hot earlier that day but the slight breeze made it feel perfect. I walked around the big yard not really paying attention where I was going. I knew there was a forest that was right near the edge of the yard, but I didn't think I would get that far down the yard.

I continued walking till I discovered I was in full darkness.
'Oh no.I think I went into the forest' I looked around and found that I could just barely see the lights coming from Kate's house.
'Shit! I have to get back.' I ran towards the lights but discovered that, that was a bad idea. I ended up slipping in some mud that was kind of deep. So now I was lying on my back, stuck in mud in the dark, not knowing how to get back to Kate's house.

I decided to just lie there for awhile so I could think about trying to get out of the mud and back to her house. A few minutes passed and I still had not thought of any good ideas. Suddenly I heard some rustling in the woods; leaves being crunched, sticks being cracked, and the howling of.. a wolf? I couldn't tell what it was. I was very scared at this point.

'What if it comes over here. Am I supposed to play dead? Will it try to attack?' I just lied there, like an injured deer waiting to die. The sound of the forest rustling was getting ever closer and my heart was beating faster and faster. I felt dizzy and I could hardly breathe. I heard another howl and it sounded like the animal was just a few feet away.

I hoped its sight wasn't so good. I waited a few more minutes, I could feel the animal watching me from behind a bush, could it see me? Or just smell me? I wasn't moving at all, just hoping it couldn't hear my intensely heavy breathing.

Then I felt an itch in my nose, 'oh come on!' I sneezed. Something pounced on me, I screamed in fright, what was it? It looked like a wolf but something about the eyes was different, as though, it was half-human. The eyes were dark, but had great sadness in them. I starred at the animal, but it turned away, looking like it was gonna leave me alone. I starred at its tail for about 10 minutes wondering why it was still on me.

I sneezed again, merely by accident. Suddenly I felt such a pain in my arm, I started crying so hard I couldn't scream. My breathing was getting so heavy it felt like I couldn't breathe at all. When I finally calmed down enough to look at my arm, I discovered the animal was biting my arm. I felt so dizzy now.

I just starred at the sky wondering when I was gonna die, but then I heard a gun shut, and saw people coming, the animal had left, I was so dizzy now, then I could just barely see people running around me, and then, I fainted.

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