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Chapter 5

The 4 carried out the first stage in their plan when there was great activity among the Firians caused by Adrian's rescue crews. Alaina drew her hidden dagger and padded it to Danielle to unlock the door. The attention of both guards was caught the moment the door was opened. But the swift and silent movements of the 4 soon brought them down out cold.

  With both guards dealt with Alaina took her dagger back and unlocked the other 3 cell doors. Nathan took one of the fallen guards lasers while Danielle quickly seized the other. However there was still the problem of chains. Luckily both guards had a set of keys, which contained the necessary key. Knowing that they had little time the chains were removed quickly from Nathan and Danielle who immediately went on watch.

   While the chains were being removed, Alaina and her remaining cellmate, Ivy, outlined the remaining part of their escape plan. They would have split the group into two had it not been for a passing Firian, who managed to raise the alarm before a well aimed laser beam from Nathan laid him low. At once Nathan took charge,

  "Alaina, Ivy, forget the separating, we'll rely. Danielle, guard our backs. Alaina, I want you behind me."
Thanking the fates that all chains had been removed, Nathan led them silently, but swiftly, through the Fire City.


Just as they arrived at the outer part of the city, angry shouts and yells could be heard behind them. Looking behind her, Alaina could see half a score of Firians rapidly approaching them. Throwing caution to the wind, Nathan gave the order to run. Luck was with them for at that moment Adrian's rescue crew launched a surprisingly strong attack on the Fire City's main entrance.

   As they ran Adrianne's voice followed them, "I may have called off my troupes but you cannot run or hide forever. The entrance is closely guarded and password protected. You cannot escape."

Unfortunately even luck must run out at some point. The escaped prisoners ran into a group, numbering 12 in all, of Firian guards clearly on their way to the city's defence. 2 fell to Nathan and Danielle's lasers and another to Alaina's dagger. The rest were knocked out by the other SF fighters. The fallen lasers were snatched from the ground and the 16 fighters hurried on. However when they were forced to cross open grounds, several beams shot from the windows of nearby buildings and 2 SF fighters fell. The 2 remaining fighters without lasers, Alaina and a man in his late 30's called Alex, took them from their fallen companions. Judging by the fact that from then on they did not run into any other Firians, Adrian must have organised a very large rescue force.

On arrival at the Fire City's doors, however, they realised that getting out would not be as easy as getting in. Protected by pass cards and hand print identification, these would be tricky doors to get through easily.

Yet in spite of previous incidents, fate and fortune were strong that day. Just when things were looking impossible something, a laser beam from Adrian's rescue crew they decided afterwards, severed the necessary wire and shut down the all gate defences. The wall of fire vanished and the locked gate became a plain wooden door, whose hinges broke from several well-aimed kicks. Just before they left, Nathan heard Alaina murmur in his ear,

"Something approaches."

He nodded before motioning the remaining escapees through the door, cautioning them to remain on guard as they did so.

Once inside one of the rescue crafts, which had landed near the door, and they were airborne, Nathan said mischievously to Alaina,

"You should frame that, you know," Indicating her dagger.

"Very funny." However the glare Nathan had expected to receive never came. Instead, as she turned away, he caught a glimpse of a small, fleeting smile.


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