Hours upon hours,

just staring at the words.

To make sure I more than know them,

for I must become them.

In order to do this right,

I have to feel it all.

The heart breaking.

and the silent tears of joy falling down a cheek.

Making sure everything is ready,

has taken quite a while.

The way I talk,

the way I walk,

has turned into an art.

As curtains rise,

and chattering voices cease,

all eyes seem to be on me.

The nervousness and butterflies,

are no longer there.

As soon as I open my mouth,

words just pour out.

Powered by emotions,

and pure adrenaline rush.

I feel as though I left my body,

and now I'm someone else.

I'm no longer playing a part,

I'm feeling someone else's emotions.

Reality's forgotten,

troubles don't exist,

I'm only trying to please myself,

no one's expectations will be noticed.

It's all over,

I snap back to reality,

as I take my final bow.

Real life is back,

but I'll escape soon.

That wasn't real life,

without second chances,

I'll get to do this once more.

Things on the stage,

will never stop,

and just repeat themselves.

In a short period of time,

the curtains will open,

and I'll escape again.