Promise Select
Wednesday, July 31, 2002

'Open the window to my heart
And let the fresh air flow in.
Extend your gracious hand to me
In hopes that I'll feel better someday.

Break me out of this rage
Help me to unlock this tormenting cage
I need you with me no matter what they say
Please God help me from killing myself today.

Listen to me when I try to talk
Don't stop me when I'm losing my mind
I wish I could be happy again
Wanting to spend all my time with you. (with you)

The park is empty, the tavern's closed.
My wallet's empty, torn are my clothes.
My heart is broken, my mind is numb
My spirit's lost, my faith is gone.

I need to find something to take my mind off this pain
Step out of the pouring rain. (pouring rain)
I realize together we cannot be
Wishing you were close to me (close to me)

And now my heart is empty, my wallet's full
The glass is filled, I fit the mold
I hit the target, forget my woes
My life is worthless, [slower] Baby, please don't let me go…

Falling off the edge of the world
A never ending drop
Still wishing someone would save me
Only not.'
-Trevor Wallace