The Fallen Angel

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Chapter 1: from deep slumber

Khamari Tonowa, a regular 2nd yr. High school student, sat in her history class daydreaming. The lecture on the contents of the 1st constitution bored her and the slow, monotonous tone of her teacher made her sick. She would gladly listen if the topic had been more interesting like revolutions or wars but unfortunately it wasn't. She sat on her desk thinking about her weird dream last night. In her dream she was laughing & giggling while she flew over the young earth, peaceful & untouched. All of a sudden a trickle of blood stained her hands and she went rocketing to the ground. Then a puddle of blood started to form around her, black feathers beginning to fall from the sky. A voice, a woman's voice spoke as the bloody pool rose higher & higher to engulf her body.

"Your thirst for… …never be quenched. Never be quenched!" were the last words she remembered before she drowned in the sea of blood.

 "Tonowa, Tonowa…" The voice of Mr. Miyo pulled her back to reality.

"Tonowa, class has been dismissed ten minutes ago. If you don't have anything to discuss with me you may go now." Mr. Miyo said.

Caught daydreaming again Khamari? What a great way to end your day.

"Gomen... Miyo-sensei." Red in the face, Khamari marched out of the classroom & headed towards the library.

Koima-sensei, their biology teacher, has just given them an assignment about genes & heredity, expecting them to pass a five page term paper by Wednesday. Its already two days away & she have to get started. Khamari picked up three heavy books on biology & settled herself in a far quiet corner. As she scanned through the books, she kept thinking of her dream. That dream has terrorized her even as far as her childhood days. Without warning she entered into a trance, a lad's voice softly played in her ear. It was a long forgotten detail connected to her weird visions. It might be the clue she needed.

"I will find a way to help you… I swear." She managed to return to her senses. With a new clue it was still impossible to decode the images recurring to her. She gave it a rest & bended down to copy important information on genes.


It was Tuesday morning; Khamari sat on her usual chair, waiting for their 1st period. Last night was a little too much for her. She discovered an extraordinary liking for gory, horror films. She felt quite entertained as her Otousan struck his blade into the pink flesh of a noisy pig, smearing himself with his blood, her eyes focused on the dripping liquid. Then her teacher in Music interrupted her thoughts, Oyama-sensei walked in, completely unexpected. There was a sudden silence as the fellow students of Khamari glanced at a tall good-looking boy just a few steps away from Ms. Oyama.

Who is that boy? He looks weird to me.

" Students, I would like to introduce a new classmate of yours from Vietnam."


"A Vietnamese…! He doesn't look like one." Khamari blurted out.

"Tonowa, I didn't ask for your opinion. Besides aren't your parents both Americans? Then how do you explain your Asian features?" She replied.

Ohh great! Why do I have to say my opinion aloud?

Khamari was silent. She made a mental memo of keeping her mouth shut. What Ms. Oyama exposed to her class she cannot deny. Their family came from America & when her parents loved Japan they migrated here, changing their surnames to Tonowa to fit the Japanese society. Her mother & father came from American families, having pure American features like gray eyes & blond hair. She on the other hand had acquired different characteristics having red eyes & dark-colored hair. Khamari's parents kept on insisting their daughter that she is their own child & not an adopted one.

"His full name is Kashiro Tobayashi. Mr. Tobayashi, you can sit next to Khamari." Kashiro followed Ms. Oyama's instructions, seating himself next to Khamari while she observed him. His brown hair was ruffled & looked messy, his eyes shining even bluer than the sky. Kashiro noticed her & flashed a big smile.  

Look at his eyes; they are really blue. Why is he smiling at me like that?

After classes were dismissed Khamari went straight to the library. One more page & she would be home free. She strolled through the bookshelves, scanning book titles. Her back was aching terribly, as if some plant wants to sprout out of her back & rip it into shreds. Out of the blue, she felt an unwelcome presence. She turned around but nothing showed between the bookshelves. She hastily gathered the books she needed, settling herself in a far corner. A few minutes had passed, Khamari finished her term paper in quick order but her uneasiness never left her. She could sense eyes watching her back. She took a glance at the time, telling her it was still very early. The library was extremely quiet now. The emptiness of the place had started bothering her. The silence mounting to the point it was getting uncomfortable. In the gap between the books in the shelf nearest her she spotted a pair of cerulean eyes. She recognized it at once.

Kashiro? Is that him? Why is he spying on me? Khamari thought.

Kashiro didn't realize that Khamari had spotted him & he continued staring at her. Kashiro's mouth was moving very rapidly while holding a weathered book in his hands. Quick as lightning, a sharp pain tore at her back.

Itai! What's happening to my back? Kuso... kuso... kuso!

Khamari sprawled on the floor, twisting in extreme agony. She cried aloud in pain, something was trying to break out of her back. She was struck by stabbing waves of torture, gradually increasing as the seconds fly by. Her hands reached at her back & saw blood staining her hands. She was losing a lot of blood, coloring the floor with its dreaded color. Then nothingness surrounded her, letting her body go to the hands of unconsciousness.

Khamari laid on the floor unconscious for a few minutes. When she finally woke up Kashiro was not in sight. Khamari tried to figure out everything logically. But the answers she arrived with aren't as logical as she wanted them to be.

Maybe Kashiro is a wizard who is trying to kill me… What nonsense am I thinking about! There are no wizards! She got up & checked the floor. It was spotless.

It must be a dream. But I must tell somebody, but whom? Certain loneliness had swept over her. She had been so wrapped up with her studies & life that she had kept potential friends at bay. Now, she knew she was alone like she had been most of her life.

"I don't need them. If I had managed all of my past problems alone, I can solve this one," she whispered to herself.

She then sauntered out of the library with the soft breeze blowing through her hair. When she got home her mind had decided, all the things that happened to her that afternoon was just a dream.


Khamari was flying past a thick & healthy forest. Then at the edge she caught sight of a small cabin surrounded by humans. She stopped in midair, lowering her altitude.

"Bandits", she hissed.

A handsome lad in black robes stood between the bandits & the cabin. Remarkably, he looked a lot like Kashiro. He carried an old book in his arms & a stick in his right hand. Khamari watched them with interest.

"Master Sauro is not here! What do you bandits want with him?!" the boy shouted.

"Have some respect young boy!! We don't care a bit for your master! We need food & drinks! We also need the elixir your master made!", a brusque man demanded.

"No! The elixir is not meant for you! I won't let you get pass me!" The bandits laughed at this.

"What are you going to do to us?? Spank us with your stupid stick!" They all roared into laughter.

Excitement coursed along Khamari's lithe body. She knew that there would be bloodshed. Blood. Just the thought of it doubles the adrenalin that is pumped to her senses. Blood.

"No!" she shouted.

She was turning into a bloodthirsty creature again. She must not interfere. But the curse was too strong for her. She must not give in. Blood. The strong desire had been tearing her soul, her self-image. The innocent Khamari had started to fade away. She had no way out but to kill to suppress her agonizing need.

"Chow time!" she shouted & dropped towards the ground.

She landed between the lad & the bandits. The bandits stared at her in shock. They had heard rumors about a winged girl who kills anyone whom she had set her eyes on. The blue-eyed boy was rooted to his spot. Apparently, he had also heard the news about her.

"Its her! We are all doomed!" one cried out.

"Retreat! Retreat! " Echoed the others.

"Why are you running already?? The fun has just started!" Khamari's eyes turned blood red, pulling from her waist a long, broad, jeweled sword.

The young man was enthralled by the glimmer of the blade & he had a great desire to hold it too in his hands. But his fear of Khamari prevented him, content as he watched how a goddess do battle. Before the men retreated to safety, Khamari had already slashed & hacked some of their poor members. She slowly caught up with them one by one, slashing throats & beheading them as she went. She gazed in satisfaction as their blood gushed forth from their wounds & drunk by the fertile soil. Khamari flapped her black wings crazily as she threw fireballs at them.

"Die! Die! Die!" she shouted in complete ecstasy while the remaining bandits bursted into flames.

When all thirty bandits received a terrible death, Khamari licked the blood off her sword. She turned to look at the young boy who was vomiting. The violence of her killing had been too much for him who had lived all his life in a peaceful environment.

"Witches & wizards, oh how I hate them. They don't know how to really fight!" Khamari exclaimed, tying her sword carefully at her waist. Her eyes reverted back to their mild red color.

The head of the young wizard lifted to face Khamari. Khamari cast a fleeting look at his azure eyes. He looked at hers & seemed surprised that the rumored murderer was as young as he was.

He said "Thank you." with the sincerest smile he had.

The raven-haired killer's brow twitched, she had not expected his response.

"Why are you thanking me? Are you not scared that I may take your life as well?"

Just then a little girl suddenly flew out of the cabin & shouted "Don't you dare hurt my brother!"

Khamari scrutinized the baby sister of the wizard. She had braided mousse-hued hair, her orbs treacherous green, very much different from her brother's cheerful sky-like ones. She held a small dagger in her short fingers.

Spunky little kid, thinking she could subdue me with just a short useless dagger. But her eyes...  they resembled mine somehow, full of anger & resentment.

"Hush Mian, she saved our lives." he said & ordered the girl to go back inside the safety of the cabin.

"You are lucky that I am satisfied with the thirty today," Khamari said as soon as the tiny girl was out of earshot.

It's happening again! I must get out of here before I do something bad to him!

"Satisfied?" the wizard-boy asked. He observed Khamari once more as she folded up her dark wings. He remembered the rumors about her, how she enjoyed killing & striking every living thing she had set her eyes upon. Her arms had started shaking, her eyes, it wobbled dangerously between their mild color to blood red. He could not see her desire to kill. Instead he saw something else in her eyes. Control. Self-control. This was the only reason why he was still standing there with her, alive. He made a bold move.

"No, you're not satisfied. I see your trying hard to prevent yourself from killing me. We are helpless & you know it. You could have killed us easily." Khamari was quick to anger & soon the jeweled blade was on the boy's throat.

"How dare you question my actions!!! You have no right for you are in debt of me!!"

"But why?" Khamari was taken aback. She removed her weapon from the speaker's throat.

Why am I hesitating to kill him?

"You won't understand…", She glanced at him & sighed, "You are pure, a pool of water that is crystal clear. There are not many left like you here in this world. You remind me of someone I once knew… " younger, innocent self.

The sun had started sinking into the far horizon. They both stood there completely silent. The wizard had earned the admiration of the notorious killer and he in return had somehow seen the girl in a new light. In the hanging silence the boy gathered his courage again.

"Sincerely from my heart I wish to be in your service. I will find a way to help you…I swear."


Khamari opened her eyes & stared at the cream-colored ceiling.

"That dream was really scary," she said aloud.

She held her hands to her face & gazed at them.

"This hands… they killed all those people…"

She shook a little as she remembered every bloody detail.

No, it wasn't me. It was only a bad dream-a frightening dream. But that boy…He looks so familiar. She got up & suddenly shouted with disbelief.

"Kuso! I'm going to be late for school!"


Gomen- Sorry

Sensei- used to address a teacher

Otousan- father

Itai & Kuso- all I know is they are curses