The Pearl

There was once, a great pearl, That brought about disgrace. Inside was where evil twirled, Yet pretty was it's case.

Whenever this pearl was around, The people could only stare. Thoughts of stealing and greed abound, Cause this pearl was very rare.

But in the end it met it's fate, Cast back into the sea. Though to stop the pain, it came to late, It's former owner was in glee.

In our lives and all around, There are these emotional vampires. Smiling when you're around, Yet planning your pyre.

Many girls are like that now, It's really sad to say. They take and take then cry "Foul!", And leave you in dismay.

Even men have filled their ranks, As they charm the girls for cash. Taking advantage without thanks, Then dropping them with a 'Crash'.

Yet worry not dear reader, For to this there is a cure, If your friend is a emotional vampire, The pain you won't endure.

The cure may seem simple, Yet to do is hard to say. Before the vampires drink their fill, Cast them away today.

Yet be sure dear reader, You might think 'vampire', When in reality, The friend was a certainty.

Huang Yen Khai©2002

This poem is dedicated to Nikki Love Piccolo, For being a devoted reviewer and complimenter. Plus I said I would didn't I?