It doesn't matter anymore,
I guess once I knew.
Now, I live in a dream,
Thrown away the key and locked reality's door.

I've been here forever,
I guess no one cares.
It doesn't really bother me,
I told myself never.

I've given up,
But not given in,
I told myself never,
Pain, regret, love.

I'm floating away in a dream,
Not caring, no, never.
I've been like this for forevermore,
Ignoring the time stream.

I don't care,
I don't know,
It's all the same to me,
I don't need to wish and dare.

I don't wanna wake up,
Life is too harsh,
Dreams are for escapers,
A world that doesn't suck.

The bright light of the world,
Shines blindly upon all.
The innocent, the guilty,
The boys, the girls.

It destroys lives,
Gives misery,
So what if it's bright?
It acts like a knife.

Why do people like it then?
I don't know, I can't say.
All I know is I'd rather be in a dream,
Where I wouldn't have to face it then.

They say it's a life-saver,
They say it eases pain.
I've never seen that in it,
It sends people to their graves.

It's better living where I am,
Not facing reality.
I'm happy where I am,
Or am I really? Damn!

I told myself never,
There's nothing wrong in that.
I'm happier living here,
Just leave me here forever.

I don't need it,
I've seen the truth.
I'm better off here,
Than in the world with it.

I was fooled onced by its lies,
But now I know the truth.
It is not what everyone claims,
This thing called love, it fools the girls and guys.

I told myself never,
Born to live in a dream.
I've escaped from reality,
No regrets forever,
'Cause I told myself never.