So this is the third one. I doubt this one will load well, either, but let's cross our fingers. Anyway, this is my favorite. The idea came when I was listening to the "Bl├╝mchen Live in Berlin" CD, when she was saying something about her bedroom being romantic. I thought that would be a cute idea for a poem, and the idea was enhanced by Selena's "Dreaming of You", so here we are. Hope you like it.

Sitting at my bedroom window. Looking out at night's dark sky. Dreaming of sweet times with you. Thinking of love's rendezvous. Wishing you could come to me. Hoping you can set me free. Or just come sit with me. Only me and only you. Counting all the countless stars. And gazing at the big full moon. Keeping warm within your arms. Up until dawn's first light. Gone until the next night.

Oh, I really, really love this one! And it is such a perfect ending to my trio, don't you think?