*A/N: I'm having a HUGE and I mean HUGE writers block right about now, and I don't know what to write with my other stories! So instead I'm going to substitute a few poems in to see if I can get my brain working again and work on some other chapters for those of you waiting, forgive me, but sometimes life goes beyond the internet (could'a fooled me) so therefore I am going to write this. ENJOY!*

One Wounded

A message It always starts that way A note A sign A letter each day

A raindrop against the blacktop A lightning bolt Thunder A storm that won't stop

A scar that forever hurts my soul Deep inside it's painful A wound that wont heal A deteriorating thing to know

Caressed by winds from miles away Pressing matters I do know Many faces that do not show But here is where I will always stay

Confusion is the way of life Pulling in your heart Making you mistake your lies For things that are not right

You think one thing Yet know another You understand each day That the way you make a person feel I do know that I am the one who paid

Though my prayers were heard so far As I lay down in my sleep I watch the stars above my head And there I know I must keep

Mending pressure And dressing wounds Putting on a mask Wondering if your silly ways Is something I dare to ask

Making you one wounded soul Apparent through and through Seeing if your eyes are clear Or blind and at the most not true

I wonder if your feelings are Controlling at the least Making this And doing that You make yourself a raging beast

Hurting others and persuading lost Shedding skins again Painting faces So they do not know It is you and really not them

But will your world keep turning round Making you the axis Will my life be so deceit When I see your reactions

I do not plan to live this way I do not want to cry I know that you are on a rampage But please let me dry my eyes

If you make a person sad And say that it was not you You lie to not only them But to yourself You always do

I know when push comes to shove And you shove right through the crowd Look at each and every face And wonder if they are too so proud

If they have hurt so many lives And wounded so many souls Wonder if they have caused the pain You have taken in with tolls

But pay with no more regret I fend for your ways I can get by with not much help But it is you who must decide

Are you willing to stop your ways To stop all that you do To help instead of hurting us Humans just like you

We live in a world with peaceful ways I guess you don't know it all A town may be small and full of hate But there's more evil than good that falls

I'm finished with this youthful life I do not fight anymore I do know who I'm talking about

It's me.. But never more.. I'm done with lying here And wondering what's in store

I'll go out and watch the faces Happier than before

*THAT WAS REALLY WEIRD.I don't even know what I wrote, I just went with whatever came to mind.so there, how did you like it? Interesting huh? oh well, it was pretty um.well uh.errm..fun, lol. Well, you know what time it is! SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? REIVEW!!!*