The dark street was covered with a deadly aura. Something unholy was lurking around the shadowed alleys of the Vine Street. The loud sound of expensive high heels hit the ground in time with a heart beat that was also felt. The steps shook the earth with pain and torment that surpassed the ages of time. A tiny bead of light emerged from one shadow, like a firefly, the light followed the sound. Heavy breathing and then the walk turned into a run. A fearful run with no stopping, the heart matched the rhythm.

The sound stopped dead, dead as the cemetery. Then a sudden flash of emerald light and a hiss from the alley. The high heels thrown and then the woman that was the wearer was barefoot. She growled and hissed like a snake ready to attack its threat. Her tongue, forked and deadly, tasted the air and her black coal hair danced wildly in the wind. "Nice to see you again, Oracle."

The bead of light changed into a young woman in her early twenties with blonde hair lighter than her light. Oracle was her name, born in the years of Ancient Greece and saved before the collapse of her temple. She had the powers of light and post/pre-cog, which meant she could see the past and the future. She smiled and stood at a defensive stance. The black-haired woman spit a venom mixture at Oracle, but she was able to block it with her light power. The mysterious woman left, disappeared in the darkness.

Oracle looked around and cursed under her breath. "I will find you again, Lily," she said getting into her navy Ford Escort. She drove back to the den or whatever they call it. She could not believe she let Lily get away. She opened the garage and parked inside, then made her way to her room. The flowing scarf-like material was waving in the breeze. It looked so much like her home in the ancient world, where she was thought of as godly, and divinity. Since Joshua and his ideas, he saved her from a cruel and painful death when her temple nearly collapsed on top of her. He had created a portal to break the fabric of time and take people from the future and past and bring them here. She was the first he saved, then there were the others.

Oracle walked down stairs to where the team was and Joshua with a new stranger. "Everyone," Joshua started, "I would like you to meet Darren. He is much like the rest of us, except he is from this time."

What he meant by 'this time' was the present. The time of the outside world where the cities are grand and the world perfect. It was the turning point for the future chaos that would be predicted. It is about the year 2099, the world did not change much. Just the inventions such as the car and telephone were completely re-defined. All the cars ran on solar energy or electricity. Simple that the internet had become life for everyone. They became lazy, but then the crash of 2076, destroyed that life. Though now it is like how it was back in the change of the millennium, it was preferred that the group to stay here.

A tall African man stood up, his muscles shown as rigid and well toned threw his fish net shirt. That was Jackson, he had the power to shake the ground with one punch to the earth. His tight black jeans clung to his legs with an embrace, he was the second rescued by Joshua. Joshua is a Caucasian male about forty five years in age, he had no gift like the others. From what he told the group, he had been working on the time device from about twenty years before he found us. The group had only been together for about 2 years, which that was the time the last member, Leslie joined. There were in rank of the order they were found: Oracle, Jackson, Amazon, Adam, and Leslie. Amazon had the power over water, she was born on the Amazon river so her mother named her that. Adam's power was fire, a arsonist with a bad temper. He was subject to death for setting a hotel on fire, which everyone but him died. Leslie is the youngest, only about fifteen years old, but he power of telepathy was great beyond her years. We found her about to be raped at the age of thirteen in a back alley in France. Her father was the one that was going to rape her, but I saved her. Her powers were strong, but uncontrollable at the time. Joshua gave me the permission to tutor her and I called her my heir.

Darren was introduced to all, but when it came to Oracle, his eyes lit up. "Welcome Darren, I know your feral gift well. You do share a common trade with an enemy of mine," Oracle said smoothly. She knew Lily was a reptile feral and so was Darren. Oracle turned and walked back up to her room to sort things out.

Joshua turned and looked at Darren, "Welcome to the Legends."