The next day around noon Jackson and Oracle decided to go around town to see if there was anything going on. It was called patrol, it was boring. Oracle sat in the passenger seat of Jackson's 2087 Teal Mustang GT, a exact model of the ones at the turn of the 2000. She watched the scenery pass her by with a medium speed. The people walking around to catch a taxi or bus, everyone was rushing. Rushing for what, to be on time somewhere? Time was the past and everything was useless. If you rush, then you are rushing to no where, no matter what you think.

Jackson had the popular rap station playing and was bouncing and mocking the artists. His muscles flexed and relaxed with the rhythm of the music and the bass. He looked like superstar with a macho attitude. The city skyscrapers were high enough to reach the heavens in Oracle's eyes. She remembered the temples and how they did not even compare to this structures. The drapes that would be hanging for the ceiling and flowed like waves in the air would never compare to the skeletal construct of this buildings.

Jackson placed his hand on Oracle's knee, she looked so far away. "It is alright Oracle, we all miss our homes and times."

Oracle placed her hand on top of his and rubbed his fingers. She knew he missed his African home and tribe. She was the one that had to test his powers. They were the alpha members of the group, both the oldest and most experienced. They had a common bond that made them both understand each other. The comforting touch from both was more than enough to spark their passion for each other that was so long ago forgotten.

"Oracle," he started to say. "I have been thinking a lot lately. I mean, look at everything we have been through and they comfort we find in each other." His words became endless rambles or nonsense that just repeated themselves.

"Jackson, tell me straight forward where you are going with this," Oracle sound in a very friendly voice. She could feel the nervousness in his touch and knew before he was even going to say.

"I was wondering why we haven't hooked up yet," he said lightly. He was speaking the truth. They have known each other the longest and were the most organized when it came to this work.

"You never asked," she said with a gleaming smile. She placed her fingers entangled with his. When she leaned over to kiss him, a shot come through the back window and she screamed. Jackson saw a yellow sports car speeding towards them. He made sure Oracle was alright, no blood, the bullet didn't hit either one of them.

The yellow sports car drove right the bumper of the Jackson's Mustang and pushed them forward. He had no choice but to put the petal to the metal. He pressed his boot to the petal and pushed it to the floor. The squealing tires could make your ears bleed in pain. He sped off going way to fast to almost lose control of the car. Oracle grabbed on the door handle for support. She could do nothing, her powers did not work at this moment, she was too frightened. Jackson and her were both buckled in tightly. Jackson tried to get a hold of the Legends base, but just as he was reaching for it a gun shot blasted the radio.

He turned the corner sharply and nearly had the car on two wheels. "Jackson, slow down!" Oracle cried. She hated this, though it did beat getting shot. She tried to concentrate on forming a ball of light. Her hands radiated with a bright white light and a spherical power was formed in her palms. She unbuckled her seat belt and turned to face the yellow them. She watched as it mimicked every turn and movement that Jackson's car made.

She pushed her palms flat towards the yellow car and watched as the orbs blow out the tires. The yellow car tried to maintain balance and this speed. It did not work that well, it went flying into a street pole and took out a stop sign as well. Oracle giggled lightly and was still watching the car's front smashed in. She turned around and was caught in a kiss with Jackson. He took her breath away and caused her to return the kiss. He released her wet and luscious lips and drove on back to the base with his hand holding hers.