Bloodsong's Remorse

I reflect upon my last night,

The Hell that touched my skin,

And I think of the contentedness

Left on my makers grin.

How he offered me my last choice

To die or live in sin

Condemning was my answer

And regret now dwells within.

Oh, to walk daily with mortals.

That joy is out of reach.

Now I slink the streets of blackness.

Human blood's now what I seek.

I can feel the darkness calling

And the shadows of the night.

I can taste my last meals essence,

It's confusion and it's fright.

But still my body hungers

It's not satisfied by one.

I'll stalk the shadowed alleys

And will do so till nights done.

When I catch another victim

Their warm blood flows down my throat,

And as they gasp their last breathe

To the ground I let them float.

All their terror pulses through me,

All their fear that's of my kind,

Still I feel no remorse now

As I leave the corpse behind.

My meals all end in death.

I shall never give the choice.

So they'll never feel the torment

That my heart now cannot voice.

For though I am immortal

I still feel for mortal souls.

My heart just beats with new blood

It's not frozen over cold.