At The Greek Orthodox Church During Storm

father holding his rosary beads
father holding his ivory crucifix
father of eyes jade
father of bruised silence and confessionals.

the wind is strong to-night brother. Look over at.
father. the cathedral doors of heavy

Greek wood of
Greek design of
Greek saints

father weeping
behind the cathedral doors.
brother come the day is
waning the wind springing higher
against the light of evening
brother come


brother come


here with rose and glass. here with paint and iron. here with book and gold.
Brother come and the storm is
holding out long this night the doves
blown into the eaves the pages leafed
thru' out the bishop's garden. father
with his sea green seeing. father
with his glove feathered hands.

father brother you I

night storm. come. the
door is heavy shut to
night to air to howl of angry
dogs outside. the fallen. the fallen.
the circle of fallen and
I here wishing on soldiers that are stars
stars that are soldiers war that is sky
sky that is war.

father touching his face
father touching the varnished wood

brother among the damp leaves tossed against his legs leaving wettened handprints on the navy blue brother you have been gone a while not brother you bring home flowers and seeds of far off cities.
this night is whirlwind and together brother we are cleaving to hands
cleaving to eyes
cleaving to voice
brother you have been gone far too long father in the bishop's garden holding out his black clothed arms to sky it is the devil's own tonight storm and dust
storm and dark storm and song and glass

father brother (you I)

"Our Father who
art in Heaven
hallowed be
thy Name"

night of lamb and
the heavy howling dogs at
cathedral doors tell me
brother did you find
him in Athens did you
find him in
Damascus did you find
Him in Jerusalem father is here and I am
here the storm breaking at wood at window at candle and candle flickering red of wax and beads.

Home brother father you I