What Johnny Did

Johnny looked at the frost covered window and watched the bright red figures tumble around in the soft white snow. Snowflakes glided down from heaven and onto the white ground, like graceful doves. Johnny sat on his bed and listened to the children. Their laughs were carried on by the softly blowing winds, making them sound like whispers. He wanted to go outside and play with them. However, he couldn't. He was in a lot of trouble. Johnny felt the sting of tears swell in his eyes. He couldn't stop it. Tears rolled down his face as he quickly wiped them away with his sweater. Mommy is angry, thought Johnny. Just then he heard the sound of fumbles echo in the hallway. Johnny whipped around and stared at his door, praying it wasn't his mom. A loud bang filled his small room and a shadowed figure stood in his doorway.
"What did I tell you Johnny?" growled his mom. It was obvious she was drunk from her slurred speech.
Johnny just stared at her and then faced the floor.
"You've been a very bad boy, Johnny," she hissed. She fumbled towards Johnny and rested her hand on his bed for support. "Are you listening to me!" she slapped Johnny on the back of his head, causing him to fall to the floor. His head started to throb as tears streamed down his face. Johnny's mom picked him up and slammed him against the wall. Johnny struggled to breathe in between sobs. He covered his head with his arms and lay on the floor. He heard is mom leave the room and slam the door. When he was convinced she wouldn't come back again, he sat on his bed and dried his tears. He left his room and went into the living room. He gasped as he saw the familiar half-shaven face stare back at him. It was his mother's boyfriend.
"I heard you did something really bad Johnny," mumbled Brian. He too was drunk. Johnny once again faced the floor and quietly stood there. "You bad boy, you deserve a whipping," while Brian was speaking he took off his belt and snapped it in front of Johnny. Before Johnny could yell or run Brian forcefully slashed Johnny with the hard belt. Over and over, he whipped his belt at Johnny's whole body. Johnny headed for the corner but he continued to be beaten. Slash! Whip! Crack! The sounds repeated for what seemed to be a century until Brian had gotten tired and stopped. He put his belt back on and sat on the couch, continuing to watch TV. Johnny felt as though fire was burning on his body. Bruises had already started to appear on his arms and legs. Johnny tried to muffle his sobs but couldn't. The pain was unbearable. He carefully walked to the kitchen to find his aunt sitting on the rusty chair next to the table. Oh no, thought Johnny.
"I can't believe you Johnny. You are a naughty little boy, you know that? You don't deserve a home or food or anything! Bad little boy, nobody likes you! You're worthless! You hear me?" shouted his aunt. She grabbed his arm and gripped it very tightly like a hawk.
"But-stuttered Johnny.
"Shut up! You're a bad boy Johnny! A very bad boy!" She pushed Johnny across the kitchen. "Get out! Now!" shrieked his aunt. Before she could say anymore Johnny was running out of the house and onto the front yard. He dropped to the ground and looked at the soft white snow. It looked like a white carpet covering as far as he could see. He got to his feet and started to walk. The winds blew harder and Johnny started to shiver. He had forgotten his jacket and his snow boots. His shoes became cold and wet, freezing his little toes. He walked and walked until his house or neighborhood was not visible anymore. The winds now blew violently and snow furiously hurdled towards Johnny. It became hard to see and Johnny was getting tired. He was shivering madly as he walked. He became even more tired and decided to stop. Snowflakes slashed his face as he sat under a large tree. He curled in a little ball and listened to the winds howl. He remembered his father telling him you could hear the wind whisper to you, even though you're not listening. He tried to listen to the winds, but all he heard was angry howls. He heard nothing. His eyes began to burn and the cold was slowly beginning to fade. He started to become numb, and before he knew it, he fell into a deep sleep. He didn't wake up the next morning. No one will know what Johnny did.