Unspoken Insanity

Chapter One

Freezing cold, rain pours down from the sky like lightning. Puddles form and reflections disappear. Sounds of footsteps taunt in a distance.

Running with increasing speed and fear, rain drips from her face. She lifts her hair away to clear sight of the road, but the liquid flows too fast to catch onto. Continuing to run, she stops to gasp for breath.

It's so cold, so very cold.

Trembling, she wrapped her arms around herself for protection. Collapsing down onto the street, she tried to hide from the rain in a shadowed corner.

In a distance, Seth strode down the street in suspicion of the noise he just heard. To fulfill his curiosity, he followed the sound. When he arrived in the alley, there was nothing there but dirty roads and puddles. He stared into the shadows; there he stared into two emerald eyes, staring at him with frozen fear. He stared down onto the ground, studying the pebbles on the ground.

After a moment of thought, he folded his umbrella down and placed it onto the ground. Without hesitation, he walked away without speaking another word.

Faith stared at the young man as he left, wondering why anyone would leave their umbrella on the ground in weather like this. The answer haunted in the back of her mind.

He knew I was here.

Walking up to the black umbrella, she picked it up and opened it. Staring at the initials on the tip of the umbrella, it read J.B. After pondering a while after that, she headed toward home with the umbrella and walked as slowly as possible. The blood was still streaking down her face. She barely had time to wipe it away before the rain washed it off.

The door hung open. It was no surprise. She was the one who had left it that way. Hoping desperately that her father was asleep by now, she entered the house in silence. She entered her room without looking up, not expecting her room to seem any more eerie than it had before she left.

Shutting the door and locking it in place, she turned around to find her father sitting on the tip of her desk. He looked up and smiled at Faith, she shuddered in his presence.

"Back so soon?" He asked in a sarcastic tone. When there was silence to his question, he continued. "I thought I told you before not to run away, I guess I didn't prove myself quite enough."

Faith stared at the ground, none of the words sunk in. When her father noted this, he stood up and walked toward Faith. He expects her full attention. When he didn't get it, he grabbed her by the face and lifted her eyes to his. "I expect you to listen when I speak." At that, he slapped her straight across the face. The blood poured down and made her queasy; she could hardly keep her balance.

Holding her hand to her face, blood covered her hand with stains. She looked up; there was nothing in her eyes. This man in front of her earned nothing of her respect.

"What was the reason for running away and coming back? Were you hoping that I would disappear in the meanwhile? Guess what, princess. You're wrong." He grabbed her arm and pushed her into a pile of books. She was forced into a corner of her bookcase, making her head dizzy and everything spin.

Looking at the room, everything stood in a blur. She was about to crawl to bed, but her father wouldn't let her. "In this house, in this room, you will obey and not rebel." He kicked her in the head; she fell backwards and crashed into the wall. Blacking out of the pain, the blur was gone, but so was everything else.

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