Chapter Thirty-one

A knock proceeded at the door. Faith's father stopped in his footsteps and turned to the door. Carefully, he turned the doorknob and opened the door to see who it was. The man had a suitcase in his hand and two men in back of him. Faith's father had a confused look on his face. "Who might you be?"

Seth's uncle didn't say a word as he opened his suitcase and showed a document to Faith's father. Faith's father took the document from Seth's uncle and stared at the paper with confusion. "By order of law, you are under arrest for child abuse. You have a restraining order to be at least 40 feet away from your daughter and your legal rights to her are taken away."

When Seth's uncle finished speaking, the two men in back of him held onto Faith's father's arms. "I was not told about this! You have no right to do this!" Faith's father tried to struggle out, but the men held him tight.

"Would you like to do this the easy or hard way?" The man spoke into Faith's father's ear with a threatening voice. In the moment that passed, Faith's father turned back to stare at Faith. Her eyes had told him everything.

"You, you know this man, don't you?" Faith's father snarled and lunged in Faith's direction. The men held him back and pushed him backwards. "You'll never get away with this! You're Keith, aren't you? You're a relative of that boy Seth. I should've known. You had his instincts."

Seth's uncle shook his head. "Yes, I am Keith, and Seth is my nephew. He came to me to ask me a favor. To ask me to take Faith out of your hands, where she's safe."

Faith's father stood up and walked up to Seth's uncle. The men were still at his side, but they had already released their grip. "Who the heck do you think you are?" At that, Faith's father closed his fist and smacked it into Seth's uncle's face. Seth's uncle fell backwards, still holding onto his face that had been punched.

"You can do whatever you want with me, but you can do it in jail." At that, the men at Faith's father's side grabbed onto him and struggled to bring him into a police car. They placed cuffs on his wrists and Faith's father struggled even more.

"You'll never get away with this! Faith! I'll remember this! This doesn't end, as long as I'm still alive, you will still wish that you were dead!" The car door shut and the men stepped inside. The car engine started and a whoosh was heard as the car took off.

Faith stared at her father, he was still screaming inside the car. His eyes had anger, she knew he wouldn't last long inside a prison. Seth's uncle turned at the sight of the car and stared at Faith. She looked down on him. He smiled. "He's gone."

Faith smiled, what Seth's uncle had said was true. Her father was gone, and hopefully, he wasn't going to come back. "Let's go. I want to abandon this place, never leave a trace of my father with me." Seth's uncle nodded. He took Faith's hand in his as they walked toward the sunset, a storm cloud hung overhead, but Faith chose to ignore it.

Darkness overlapped the light and night conquered over elsewhere. Something unknown hung in the suspicion of the shadows, unspoken.

Author's note:

I wrote this story because I wanted to express something that would push the mind into extreme and face the worst of people's lives in a surreal type of way. Please review after you read. It would give me an idea of what to change and what to keep. I am proud to finally announce that this story is finished.

Thirty-one chapters to this story, I worked day and night to break my past records from the night before. According to most of my fans, it was worth it. I thank everyone for reading this story. I might write a sequel, but not quite soon. I will write previews of the sequel, but that's about all. Contact me by email at or by AIM on xDistantRealityx.

I delicate this story to a friend of mine online. It seems that this story is truly hers.

Thank you, Arielle.