*Here's a little song me and my friend made up, its my first time, and not her's.but me and her tried to make a song so go easy on us eh? Ok, enjoy! (I hope)*

~*Mixed Feelings*~

~There is something missing ~Some few empty holes in my soul ~One missing spot has a lot to do with you ~When you're with me you fill the void ~You're as addictive as a steroid ~You bring me out of my shell ~And when you leave ~I'm back to being in my own personal hell! ~*~*~*~*~


~I don't understand this ~You've left me in an eternal state of bliss ~Every time you touch me ~I'm thinking friends is just something we can't be ~We liked each other so damn much ~It was funny the way you could make me blush ~Sometimes I don't even miss those eyes ~But sometimes I have to break down and cry ~*~*~*~*~

~Sometimes I just felt so wrong ~But I liked you for so very long ~You might have used me ~But one thing I know for sure ~You confused me ~I wish you could only realize ~Just some of the pain held deep inside ~I miss you ~But I don't ~I love you ~But I can't ~I want to get back with you ~But I won't ~*~*~*~*~

~*~Bridge*~*~ ~I've fallen ~My knees broke ~And my hands felt the ground ~Around the sky were the clouds ~But my mind only saw you ~I felt the way you're cool hands washed over me ~But disappeared ~I will not desire you anymore ~LET ME FORGET WHAT YOU MEANT TO ME!!!!

~*~*~2nd round Chorus~*~*~*~

~You do complete me ~Yet I'm not so sure ~And I usually just can't stand this pressure ~I will never forget ~Just the day that we first met ~There are so many memories held in the depths of my head ~With you my soul has fed ~Images flicker before my eyes ~And in my heart you will forever lie ~Except today is not the day ~And this time is not the time ~To think of you ~To dream of you ~Or to picture you ~You in my head

~*~*1st Round Chorus~*~*~


(Repeat 2nd round chorus 2 times while back-up singer sings below lines in harmony till end of song)

And the Sun (hold out sun) Will rise again (hold out again)