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He Stares.


I linger outside the tall, shining building in denial that I have to enter those large doors. I can see inside the glass, even through the glare. I recognise the people inside, although I wish I didn't. That I didn't know them at all. That they were blank faces; someone who I could walk past on the streets without taking a second look at. I tentatively walk in. Relief washes over me as I see that he isn't there anticipating my arrival. The lift awaits me but I hesitate in entering, as I have to stay until late due to a big presentation tomorrow. I hate staying late. I hate work but I need the money to support my brother Sean and I. Upon entering the lift I shudder, the vibrations rushing up my spine. 'Sam. How are you? I saw you this morning but you seemed to be in a rush, are you okay?' Scott asks. He's my boss and stands in the lift looking like a man of power with his navy designer suit, slightly graying hair and expressive but fierce eyes. 'Fine.' I don't like him and his attitude one bit, not at all. 'Aren't you going to ask me how I am?' he says. 'How are you?' 'Well thank-you, but much better now that I've seen you.' He moves closer. I wish the lift would hurry up. His hand is gently placed upon my shoulder. 'Get that off," I cry, hitting it off in disgust. 'Level 20,' the lift's recorded voice interrupts, never sounding so welcoming before. I leave in a hurry to my desk, looking forward to absorbing myself in work. Scott walks past without any sign of what happened apart from a slight look of disappointment on his face.

I work hard throughout the day, distracting myself from what happened before, from everything that has happened today already. Time flies and to my surprise it is 9pm already, nearly time to leave. There are still people around and Erin comes to my desk 'Your.' I glare at her and she quickly rephrases what she is about to say, 'Scott wants to see you before you head off.' I give her a weak smile before slowly walking to Scott's office. I wait outside the door before reluctantly knocking on the wooden door. My knock sounds hollow, reflecting my feelings at that moment. 'Come in,' Scott says. I open the door. 'Close the door behind you and sit down,' he says. I unwillingly sit down in the uncomfortable chair. 'How are you, Sam?' 'I think we've already established that I'm fine,' I say. He despairingly shakes his head. 'I don't know why I don't fire you?' 'Because you feel obliged to employ me so I can keep supporting Sean.' 'It's not just that, I love you, Sam,' he says. 'No, you're sick. I don't love you and I never will. If my Mum were alive what would she think anyway? You're a sick old man, you know that?' 'You're a big girl now, who cares about your dead Mother? I love you, and if you don't love me back I don't know why I should keep you here,' he says. 'Are you threatening to fire me?' 'I guess.' I shake my head in disappointment and disgust. 'Well I guess I quit then. Goodbye.'

He doesn't try and stop me. I collect my sparse belongings from the desk and leave. Leave my personal hell, leave it all behind. I ponder my thoughts as I walk to the train station. The darkness unnerves me. I hate catching the train when it's dark. It scares me. There are only a few people on the train so I sit by myself staring out into the darkness as lights flash by me. I can feel myself nodding of to sleep when I hear the doors from the next carriage open. He enters. I gasp in horror and hold onto my bag so tightly that my fingers turns white. He's here. In a panic I rush to the door as the train slows at a station. I don't know what station it is but that doesn't matter. All that matters is that I'm out of here. Away from him. I jump out of the train and power walk away from the station.

Footsteps, I ignore them and walk faster and faster. The footsteps quicken. I see tree branch and pick it up in some fantastical idea that it will protect me. I spin around and come face to face with him. I panic.

He stares at me. His eyes are the colour of death and they stare right into my soul reading what even I can't in an instance. I close my eyes in an attempt to shut out his penetrating stare. It doesn't work. Almost hypnotically I am forced to open my eyes only to look into his black pools of colour. I am helpless in his gaze.

I drop the tree branch, my saviour, in shock. It drops to the ground with a thud. I tear my eyes away from his. He lies in deathly stillness, blood pooling around his head. Kneeling down, I pull out his leather wallet from the pocket inside his designer suit and flip it open. There is a few hundred dollars in it and his credit card, I smile at that, and his drivers license. I turn it over in my hands. It says 'Scott Matherson' and above that is a picture, his grey hair making him look older than his age. I spy the 'Y' under the donor section. Well since it's up to the next of kin I guess I'll be saying yes, there has to be some reason why he was placed on this planet. I leave his body where it is and go home. Away, far away from everything.