Empty Dreams

If love is what you wish to give,

That it may ever after live,

In my heart as well as yours,

Then tell me that in certain words.

If friendship is what you desire,

That paler blossom, lacking fire,

Then tell me in this very hour

So I don't wish for a passionflower.

If even friendship can't be done,

I'll let you go, like the setting sun,

Only this sun will no longer rise

For me to greet with joyful eyes.

I'm sick and tired of your empty words,

My empty dreams, those promises of yours.

They leave me behind, just an empty shell,

A hollow void, but nobody can tell.

Such a thin line between love and hate.

Yet one is gentle, the other, cruel,

Both emotions are quite passionate,

But both make one act like quite a fool.