Warm and cozy that is what I would say about my apartment, but at the same time it was lonely. I am 24 and it's been a while since I discovered I was truly not normal. I haven't been to a therapist yet, but I'm pretty sure I have an anxiety disorder, and extreme depression. I haven't had a date in a year or two; I've been too hell-bent on trying to find a way to find myself before getting into the dating world. My mom begs me to find some therapist that will make you pay 200 hundred dollars a session trying to fix the problems they caused all along. Yeah, I know I'm too bitter against my parents, but hey they just got divorced so I have more of a reason to divorce them. Becky is still my friend, and she visits my apartment regularly, every since I gave her some of my savings after I turned 18 and asked her to live in the same town as I do now. I now live by my old high school. I actually saw Jared this week and he wasn't with anyone he told me that he still couldn't find anyone right for him. Though I said to him that, he was lucky, at least he was dating. Jared told me I looked good, hell after puberty everything goes back into place, you know. Jared had also told me that he missed me and that he wanted to take me to dinner. I told him I would think about it and every since that day he has been calling. It's been a week since I said I would think about maybe I should go out with him. I'm picking up the phone to call Jared knowing good and well that if I go on a date with him I am going to fall back in love with him. It's ringing now, I don't know why I am so nervous this is Jared, though he was sexier than before.

"Hello," I heard a female voice answer.

"Umm...hi." Bastard.

"Hi...who is this."

"This is Lea, is Jared there."

"Yeah, this is his girlfriend."

"Bastard," I mumbled smashing my palm into the receiver.

"Hello," I heard Jared's voice now.

"Hi, you want to tell me who just answered your phone."

"That was uhh..." See the "uhh" means he wants to tell you that she isn't important to him and they are having problems with their own relationship. But in reality he thought about how amazing our high school relationship was.

"Who was it," I said a bit more causally hearing him stutter.

"Julia...that was Julia and yes she is my girlfriend, but we aren't working that well..."

"I bet."


"Bye, Jared call me back when you have some respect."

"No, Lea, I-" Just like that, I hung up the phone, I didn't need that.

Though I forgot that Jared worked in the office building across from me and would be tormenting me. Shit, why do the people you don't want around, always so near. I called Jared so he would meet me for breakfast, but I guess I would be having breakfast alone.

"Hello Lea, don't be late for work," said a single man who lived in the apartment next to me.

There were a lot of single men within the walls of this building. I will let you in on a little secret, usually when you live in an apartment building with mostly single men, you don't have to do any home improvement. The good thing too is that my office building is like a 5-minute walk away. I work for this small publishing company they publish mostly poetry and little joke books. Walking to my office building was a peaceful walk, I lived in a relatively small town. There was no real traffic everything was really close together, so no one really owned a car, I do, but I keep in my garage most of the time. My car was a birthday present from my father, right before my mom and him had gotten a divorce; it was a 70's style jaguar. A car that was in his own collection obviously he didn't want to give it up to my mom in the divorce. I got a lot of stuff from my dad, he gave me my furniture, which were from the game room, and I got the entertainment system that was in the game room also.

"Hey Lea." I had stepped into my office building and someone who I knew, briefly greeted me.

I walked over to the door to my office and took a deep breath and walked in I knew there was someone in there, but I didn't know who. I opened the door and wasn't surprised to see Justin.

"Hello, good morning!"

"What's so good about it," I said laughing.

"Well I brought you some coffee and the muffin you like." Justin pointed to my desk.

"Why are you here Justin," I said raising an eyebrow and smiling halfway.

"Well I was kind of wandering if you would-"


"Go to dinner with me..."

I shook my head; he hadn't noticed I said no until he finished his sentence.

"But why...?"

"Because I don't really...have time"

"You've been saying that for the last three months."

I sat down in my desk chair and looked down at the desk, I really had nothing to do.

"Okay, Justin, meet me at lunch, and if I like it, I'll meet you for dinner also."

"Okay, then bye I have some work to do unlike you."

I watched him walk away then out of the door. I guess it was my own fault that I hadn't dated someone in a long time. Maybe it was just my mind telling me that I would be making my mom happy and further widening the gap of debt she owed to me as a daughter. So I simply didn't meet anyone in fear of falling head over heels and getting into something I didn't want. I turned in my chair and looked out of the window and saw someone I didn't particularly want to see.


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