If a sense of love has flown through space/time
If an air of your scent has blown through my rhyme
Then I shall turn to face you
Gaze into iridescent eyes I have rarely seen
Dry the tears from cries from a soul that surely beams
Yet the question will still burn whether you and I are true

Distance apart can mean none if not little
For true ties of friendship are far from being brittle
To the ways that Life is cruel
Giving two hearts a place to offer another's rest
But never allow the two to grasp back to breast
With Fate I shall soon duel

Not with the guns or the tools of destruction
For hate leads to fools their own self-corruption
An olive-branced dove is the weapon I have found
Flight into the night fight with angel's wings
The storm Fate has arisen to battle a bird that sings
Feathers and blood now run deeper into the ground

Arise once again from the ash from the flame
i watch your wings grow as the day calls your name
So crystal clear it rings through the morning's song
You soar then drop to me now as I rush to embrace
The love you have shown the smile from your face
Now I know that you and I were right all along