Fairy tales are just for kids,
Or say what everyone says.
But I don't know if that's the truth,
About these present days.

People want fairy tale endings,
They want a fairy tale story.
So why do they say if it's just for kids,
If they like fairy tales even more?

Girls want their shining knight in armor,
They want a fairy tale wedding.
Personally I think it's disgusting,
When I hear these mushy settings.

Couples want to live,
Happily ever after.
The bad guys should be caught,
And shamed with derisive laughter.

So why are adults rejecting fairy tales,
When all around them wishes fly?
They think fairy tales aren't real, can't happen,
But do they know the truth, I cry.

Fairy tales happen around us all,
I've been witness to many.
But people are trying to take them away,
Leaving us without any.

But if they aren't here,
The world wouldn't be the same.
We would be all weird and strange,
Living in a world that's lame.

I don't know what to say,
Except maybe to caution,
When the magic disappears,
The world will appear to be false.