Before my death I saw,
A bag filled with colors.
A reminder of my life, I guess,
And then I seemed to fall.

Crimson for blood,
So much I had seen,
Close people slain,
On the floor pools of blood.

Green for envy,
Another common thing.
The monster resides everywhere,
Hurting me with women and men.

Yellow for talent,
That I seem to remember.
A love for books and writing,
When I was just a gal.

Blue stands for sadness,
Over the people I lost.
But still I managed to go on,
To overcome the madness.

Purple stands for regalness,
Which holds no meaning anymore.
It's just a thing for fools,
The ones who are feeble.

Black, of course, for revenge,
Which I dished out to many.
They had to pay the price,
Actions have reactions.

White for purity,
Once I knew what it was.
Now it's just a memory,
But once it was my cure.

Gray for my attitude on life,
The world is all the same.
No regrets, no pain or love,
Especially no black and white.

My life wasn't meaningless,
I did what had to be done.
I'm leaving now, still no regrets,
This world I won't miss.