AUTHOR: I wrote this poem in the midst of a depression so it's kinda angsty. Please bear with it because it's a little messy & well I'm not very good in writing poems (I'm really not sure where I'm good at). Please review & I don't mind criticisms (as long as its constructive).


I am back here again

From where I just started

From all the hurt & pain

I thought I had escaped

It was there all along

Grinning behind my back

Clutching with a hand so strong

Waiting for the time to attack

All my life I ran

Away to my dreamland

But in reality

Its chaos & insanity

Chaos & insanity

All repeating history

Like mother like daughter

It's happening already

From the pools of the past

Creating a self that will last

But taking the picture of hate

The form I despise

The form I despise

That is myself

Repeating the eternal cycle

Of love & hate

Repeating the cycle

Of hater & hated

Fearing the future

The monster that I will become

Hating my future self

Just as I hated she in the present

She whose lies still haunts me

Forming a loop, all shall return to me