End of Her World

She walked to the end of the hall and glanced around the corner. She saw one of her best friends standing at the lockers. She began to walk over, but stepped back as she saw the one she loved walk over to her friend. She felt pain in her chest as he wrapped his arms around her friend. She watched, through teary eyes, as whom she thought was a friend kissing the only one she loved. Tears began to roll down her face. She wanted to scream but her tears drowned out her voice. She wanted to run, but her legs were too wobbly. She wanted to block out the image, but her pain wouldn't let her. She watched as he and her "friend" walked with their arms around each other. She sat against the wall; her uncontrollable sobs grew louder. The one thing she had feared had happened. She got up and began to run up the stairs to the roof.

She looked down from the edge of the building; she saw her "friend" and him get into his car together. She stood up on the ledge. She swallowed hard and closed her eyes. She leaned forward and fell. Seeing his face as she fell. She hit the ground, all the while loving him and letting go of her friend.