It was the year 3015 and we live the best city that you could ever imagine

It was the year 3015 and we live the best city that you could ever imagine. Mars base Zokar. While the name may discourage you it is the best place you could be. It was two stories tall with over a thousand people on it. It was quiet, roomy, and friendly. You also have the best view that you could ever imagine.

People here call me Parkman. My real name is Parker. I have this elite group of friends that are the best you could imagine. You got Sara she can make you laugh when you feel horribly down. Then Cheryl, she is tough yet so caring. Tara is younger but very smart and pretty. Treva is the smartest one. She can get us into almost any place here because she can get the codes. Now Austin, he is the biggest goof off on Mars. He acts stupid but is extremely nice. He usually gets us into trouble.

What we find so amazing is that we have only known each other for only a month. We all came from different Mars bases. Our parents are high-class scientist that were fortunate enough to be chosen for this mission. Even though we all just met I can feel that we will be friends forever. I know that we can all trust each other too.

Lets see, it all started a month ago when they finished construction on Zokar. They closed down all the other bases and moved us here. The place is huge. Luckily all of my friends live near me. That is how we met. I was so bummed because my best friend Ashlie had to go back to Earth and I had no body else. Then one by one all these people came up and started talking to me. We all met and were shocked to what we had in common. Luckily all but one of us was in the same grade. Tara was in a grade below us. Living in Zokar was so much better because you had the stores and cars, but some of the people from other bases had to go back. It wasn't fair.

We all met up at the local ice cream shop where my sister worked. We would walk Main Street and get into some trouble. We would talk about our lives and how we loved living here. I was glad to have friends like them. It got close to the kid curfew so we had to head home. We all agreed to meet at the "spot" and then split up.

The weather that night got really rough. They were saying that there was wind going 50 MPH. Luckily though this was Zokar's test. It was the first storm that the station went through. It survived and so did we. Fortunately the worst storm Mars can get is high winds. There is no atmosphere for rain, snow, sleet, hale. There was an occasional flash flood but that was handled too.

I got up and I skipped breakfast and grabbed some money. I headed to the "spot". The "spot" is a place that civilians are allowed to go into and from it you could see miles and miles ahead. It was beautiful and I loved to go there. It was so calming and relaxing. Luckily, I was the first one there so I had a little bit of peace. Sara, Cheryl, and Treva all showed up together. Then, Austin and Tara came up. We sat at the look out and then decided to go to Main Street today. Today was our last day of freedom. School started tomorrow. We got to Main Street and I bought all of us a drink. We sat down in the park and then we headed to the toy store. It was the only thing to do now so we walked in and started playing. Sara and Treva are little kids when they get into the toys.

It was 12:00 and we decided to go see a movie. We walked to Media Plex and headed in. They had only two movies playing and neither looked too good. We decided to see "Final Death". It was an ok movie. Seeing the movie killed three ours and we got through there. We walked to the ice cream parlor and stayed there. By the time we got done at the ice cream parlor it was 5:00 so we decided to go home for a while. We agreed to meet up at the look out point.

At 7:00 we walked to look out point. It was so beautiful to see the sun start to set. I couldn't wait until school started. We had one field trip each year and this year it was to the landing strip. We were going to go to the airport. At 7:45 Sara wanted to go skating so we went up to the skating rink. It wasn't crowded at all. We had the place pretty much to ourselves. We all had to be home by 9:00 though. Before we knew it, it was 9:00. We ran home and agreed to meet at my house before going to school.

We got up at 7:00 and then met at 7:45. We all met at my place and then we walked to school. Tara had to go to a different hall since she was a grade behind. Luckily the rest of us had classes together. We got to our class and they handed us all the stuff we would need for school. They also gave us the permission slips to go to the airport. Everyone was so excited. This was one place that you weren't allowed with out clearance. Before we knew it school was out. We all met up and talked about our day. We dropped off our books at my place and then we went to the ice cream parlor. Tara was talking and she was going to see the look out point on her field trip. We all laughed at her. We decided to go home and just rest for a while.

When I got home I asked mom if she would sign my permission slip. She was hesitant but she did. She laid down the rules and told me how to act. I didn't really listen to her but she thought I was. I ate my dinner and left. I walked all around and was sad. Something was missing. I miss Ashlie so much but there isn't anything I can do. I got home and lay down.

When I woke up the next morning we had all met up. Treva had gotten sick and they had to take her to the hospital. Luckily it wasn't anything to bad. We all walked to school again. Tomorrow was our field trip and we were all excited. The teachers told us what they expected of us, how we were to behave, and taught us manners. They let us leave a little early today. The others went on but I waited for Tara. I didn't want her to think we didn't like her. She came out and just us two walked to look out point. She could tell that something was wrong with me but I tried to hide it. I finally told her that I missed my friend and she told me something. She had lost a friend too. Her friend Zach had to leave also. We talked a while and then we headed home.

I got home and ate dinner and just waited for tomorrow. While I was sitting I thought that I would write a letter to Ashlie. Here it is:


It has been a while since we have split up. I really do miss you. How have you been? Have you made a lot of new friends? I have made a few new friends. Hey guess what. We get to go on a field trip to the airport. It will be very interesting. Tell you brother hey for me. Also, write me back. I really do miss you. Bye Parkman

I asked my mom to send off the letter. She agreed and told me to go to sleep.

I woke up early next morning. I grabbed some breakfast and headed to the school. Austin and Cheryl caught up with me and we talked the whole way there. We got there and they told us to go on to the bus. We got the back seats and waited. After 20 minutes everyone was here and we headed to the airport. It was about a 30-minute drive.

We got to the tunnel and they had to check us all off and send us in one by one. Eventually we all got in there and they started to show us around. They took us to the top and it was wonderful. You could see more here than at look out point. They showed us how they connect to shuttles, where they sleep, what they do. It was so neat. They let us stay for lunch and then we got ready to go. They got a message that was for an emergency landing. They told us to all be careful and that it was time to leave.

Ms. Tom our teacher got us out and made us get to the bus. She took us to the top floor, which was completely wrong, and then I saw what she was doing. She got us to the Emergency Evac. Just minutes after we arrived they set off the sirens. Over the intercom they said, "Emergency Emergency! Head for shelter!" She got us off the bus and pushed us into the "Life Boats". We didn't know what to do but they got us all in one and headed off.

They got about 4 miles from the base and they stopped. We saw 8 more boats come out before there was a huge explosion. It shook us and we knew what happened. All of a sudden the boats took off and didn't stop. We looked back and then it happened. A huge fireball ripped through the side of the building. We knew that they only thing that could be done was to shut the emergency doors. It was probably too late though.

We got to one of the old bases and they let us off. We were all trying to stick together but I had to find my family, I had to find Tara. Suddenly some one screamed out my name and I knew that it was my sister. Then I saw the red hair and I knew that it was Tara. She made it out too. I asked Paige where our parents were and she said they didn't make it out. She told me that it didn't mean that they were dead though. I grabbed Tara and headed over to our group. They made us all register and then put us in hallways. We all met up and sat together. They screamed out that there were 4 more boats coming out but they had to go to another base. I ran up to them and asked to for them to find out if my parents were on the ships. They weren't.

All of us waited for help to come and it took a day before a shuttle came for us. They got us all on there and called out our names. Everyone was on it. They were ready to get us out. Sara's, Cheryl's, and Austin's family got out. Tara's, Treva's and mine didn't get out. Us three sat together and the shuttle took off.

It was 3 weeks before we got to Earth. They cleared us for a landing and we came in. They had shelters set up for us and had family there for us. Paige and I got off and looked around. We finally saw my out law Sue. She got us and took us to a motel. We got rooms next to all my friends. We all stayed up all night and talked.

We decided to go back to our old homes on Earth before we moved. We all went back to our normal life.

It has been 2 years since we have been back on Earth. We miss being on Mars but we are glad to live normal lives now. If the chance ever comes around I might go back to Mars.