I am a soulless dragon
in search of an endless sky.
I see not death, I see not life
for I am both, yet none.
I need love, I need hate,
I need scorn, I need pride
for they are but one
and the same.
I feed upon the emotions
of those who live and die
for they are mortals that
know the bounds of time.
A burning feeling fills me
and darkness consumes me,
but am I evil or am I good?
Can I be described by such
simple words?
I am the bringer of death,
the provider of life.
Calm is my nature,
but provoke me not
or die in writhing pain.
Flame is my child
and Water my sire.
Earth is my dam
and Air is my life.
Run and hide in terror, child,
or seek me out for guidance.
I am all and I am naught.
A whisper in your mind,
A subconcious jewel,
I am who I am.