Those Friends of Mine

"You'll never know when disaster will strike.and you'll loose them.forever. "

Destiny Calls

I step into a classroom of 30 to 35 students awaiting me. I took a deep breath. 'Ya right.' my mind screamed, I choose not to listen to it.It would only remind. I didn't get to finish; I had to start the lesson, now! "Good morning, my name is Ms. Thomas," whispers filled the room. I'm a ex- famous singer who suddenly disappeared, "and I've come to talk to you about friends and how special they are." groans filled the room, they were grade 7 students, who couldn't keep friends close to their heart for long. 'If only they knew how special friends are.' I thought sadly ".By my own experience." I finished, they fell silent, and I smiled and started my life long story..

Late September I sat at my desk, half listening to the teacher and half in a daydream. Suddenly I heard that we had a new student, and to welcome her to grade five, yes it was the year 1990, and I Haley Thomas was in grade five, all I knew, it was just another year.but some how I knew this, this would be different, because this is when I met Lily Cashton. Lily was a student from England, and I was to show her around. I stood up, and walked out with her by my side, "She talks way to much!" said Lily. I smiled, "Ya, maybe we could be friends?" I asked, " No, we can be best friends!" She exclaimed, I smiled, I knew I just found a new best friend, who forever be there to the end, and fate would hand me more only to have them taken again from my grasp.

I groaned as Lily and I walked to school, it was now May and I'm in sixth grade, and almost in seventh grade. We went to catch up with people we knew, when I saw a girl walking by herself, I told Lily I'd catch up, but she told me to hold on and told the others not to wait up. They nodded and we ran off. I was first to get to the girl, with Lily on my heels. I stopped and looked at the girl, her name was Rachelle Nanty. We soon saw a boy running up to her, he smiled and said that his name was Jimmy Martian, and apologized to Rachelle for being late. Soon we all were friends. may I say best friends!

"OH NO!!! I'm gonna be late!" I cried running out of my room " Bye ma love ya!" I said running out the door. "But. She forgot to turn her clock back an hour."said her mother I ran to school at lightening speed, to find out it didn't start for another hour. So I sat on the steps and waited, I thought of this year's events. It's now 1994, and I'm in grade seven now and have add 5 more to my ever growing circle of friends and their names are Tammy Owen, Winnie South, Sadie McLeod, Diane Watford and Casey Madison. I remember when I met Tammy, she's the reason for the others, but I treat the rest like my best a matter they are and always be my best friends to the end, all 8 of them, to the very end.