Those Friends of Mine Epilogue

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I stood up, but before I could leave a girl about 12 came up to me. "Excuse me Ms. Thomas," said the girl " My name is Molly Watford," I gasped. It couldn't be, sure I haven't talk to her in years, but it just couldn't be! "Is your mom Diane Watford?!" I asked " Yes she is, but she never told me about that." Said Molly I wasn't surprised she hadn't said anything, because, this kid didn't know about me and I didn't know about her. I lost contact with her after the.accident. " I don't have friends, because I lost mine in a bus accident, so I vowed not to have friends so I don't go through that pain again." She said. I felt bad, didn't Diane know? " You shouldn't let that happen, your friends wouldn't want that." I said. She looked at me and said something that made my talking feel it had meaning " I know that now and I thank you," And with that she left. 'I wish I knew she had a daughter, wonder how she's doing?' I thought. I stood there for a minute before turning on my heel, and walking out. 'The only way I moved on, was by knowing they wanted me not to live in the past, or to stay sad.'

'Haley we'll always be there for you, don't cry,' whispered Rachelle 'ya, cheer up, you ain't getting rid of us that easily!' joked Jim 'ya, no matter what, we're here for you.' Said Tammy 'We'll wait for you and Lily, promise,' said Winnie. ' Promise!' exclaimed Sadie 'SHUSH!' whispered the others. I giggled 'You should start sing again' said Casey. "You know what? I think I will!" I said, and with that I started running toward the studio.

I threw the door open, startling the producers. I had a song that I had to write down, and went something like this.

Angles (have touched my life)

My life's been touched, Touched, by angles, And those angles were my friends.

Chorus: Angles have touched my life, And they told me they'd, Never leave me crying, Never ever they'd leave.

They'd tried to keep that, promise, They really did, But no matter how hard, They tried, God sent for them.


They told me once, They'd never leave, But they couldn't ignore, His call, They promised to, Wait for me, No matter how long,


They died that one fateful night, Those angel who were my friends, And still are, And I still have yet, To see that promise, Come true, And I'll wait.

Chorus repeat X3

I'll wait.forever.

I finished, told the producers I'd be back in an hour. They nodded, and I left. I walked to the cemetery knelt in front of 1 big tombstone, divided into 7 sections, and along the bottom it read their promise, We'll wait for you, and be there at the golden gates of heaven waiting, to welcome you, Haley and Lily, for as long as it takes. In the middle section was mine, and to the right was Lily's and to the left was Tammy's, already for me and Lily. "Hey, I thought I'd find you here." Said Lily "Ya, how did you know?" I asked wiping the dirt off my knees and hands. " We've been friends for 17 years, just knew, come on I'll take you to the school to get your car and we can go to my house and talk." Answered Lily "Ya, I can't wait to see them again, but I know they're watching over us." I said as we left, and the tombstone left my view, for now. 'Ya, watching over us. forever.'