You Are Throwing Quantum Physics---

you are throwing quantum physics in my face

the force of a baseball a
spheroid hurtled the length
of light and you lie
on your back
on the hillock outside
the hotel
your eyebrows
identical blackbirds
lifted in surprise
that the stars have
risen in the
same place
same slots
of sky that you plotted on your bedroom ceiling
when you were
a boy

and last
night on my mirror was
a permanent marker design of Sirius
(it was done all in the lightest shade of green you had)
tho' you told me
Cygnus was more
along my lines:

and under my pillow beside King James' bible was a biography on Neils Bohr.

I have been knocked over
by the force of your theory
by staring out the window of our Holiday Inn
seeing the exhaust of trucks from
South Carolina
passing forward thru' east or south, yelling to you

"what about Copenhagen!"

and wherever you lie blind to earth and seeing into each grain (or wave) particle of gravity of the color from stars you cast about the sharpness of your profile

"we should see Paris---"

oh yes I shall agree like the Curies
only I am not the discoverer
here nor shall we die
clutched in each other's arms of the
x-rays presented in my journals:
ah would that make you proud or give you ideas as to the extent?


that is radioactivity as I would jump from the glass empty pane below you because I move slower than light and cannot help that for you I

would change as much
as two plus two
equaling four and the
sense that mathematicians are
plotting electrons or the flash
of my camera will go from Richmond
to Athens in the matter
of half-

as long as a molecule of francium may survive on its own

lover have
the stalking
birds landed
beside you having
feathers added
to the constellations
forming of your incandescent
light and the
dove white

I am beside you twisting
grass between my fingers and you
have reflected
photons sub-
atomic particles from
the star paths
in your eyes