By:Andrew Troy Keller

He had came from a world of the great,
Only to discover another of pure hate.
He was known as Proctor.
But now,he is a doctor.
A doctor known as Fate.

He has walked into a room,
And,saw a man and woman sitting in utter gloom.
Then,to himself,he has to say,
"If I do not do something right away,
Then,forever would their everlasting love be doomed."

So,in order to save the two love doves,
He had placed them into a place that fits them like a glove.
Then,in a sudden glance,
The lovers had found themselves in a happy happenstance,
Which is,indeed,a place of love and doves.

And soon,this world would soon be great,
And would indeed be forever rid of hate.
And indeed,every day
Would be a very,very nice day.
Thanks to a doctor known as Fate.