Darien is not property of me... but then again, you didn't KNOW it was Darien, did you? A-ha. Anyway, Carrie is not property of me either. In fact, this was all just based on an RPG that Nyxo and I had whipped together; I getting bored one night typed this. I haven't been able to top this with the rest of the RP or anything, so I severely doubt there will be more, A.K.A., when you finish this, that's the end. Unlike Tod Und Zerstorung that goes on forever and ever into eternity (I'M SO HAPPY IT HAS A PLOT NOW!) this one will not be updated. 'Tis a sad, sad world. Anyhoo, this is:

Double Larceny

There were two that night. There was clear hard evidence from the beginning there was. Though, somehow, the two had inebitably avoided each other, one coming in from the front, the other coming in from the basement. It was clear both had immense natural skills in breaking and entering, but had no idea of each other's presence. The first thief skillfully played "twister" between each invisible laser beam, freezing whenever the security motion camera went over. The second thief crawled carefully across the floor, pressing hard against it to move beneath each beam. Both of thier eyes were set on the small, glimmering gold priceless cougar statue stationed on a pedistal in the center of the room. The first thief was dressed completely in black, a ski hat on his head, and a black back pack on his back to accompany him. The museum was practically pitch black. The second thief was in black as well, carrying a nap sack in absolute certainty that she would receive the "prize". She had waist length dark brown hair that she had up and tucked away so it would not end up tripping any alarms.

Because the male was so tangled between the invisible beams that reached from one end of the room to the next, he cautiously twisted his body around the beams, only a few feet from the pure gold statuette that lay before them. The other clawing against the ground in absolute silence, slowly, her entire body clasped against the ground, her muscles almost twitching from the amount of effort it took to drag herself along. Yet, the prize lay between them.

The male emerged from the web; raising up what once wasn't in his hand and now was. A spray can. Through the darkness, he sprayed against the glass, and the red laser beams lit up like Christmas.

The woman was now pressed between the case and beams as well, and was ridden with surprise as the case lit up, but she shook it off very quickly, and responded with a low hiss that slid below sensors.

"Get out of here," She growled. "It's mine."

But he replied. No way a stubborn man like him would let her off with this prize.

"Forget it. I was here first." And Indeed he was right.

"No way." She whipped out her gun quickly, cooly, and aimed right at his head. Of course, if she were to shoot him, she would get him in point blank range, as well as set off every alarm in the museum. "Leave."

"Fuck you." He already had his own gloved hand rested upon his silver beretta, which was fittingly hidden under his shirt and pants.

Then he froze. Froze up identical to the statue before them. Almost puzzled, the woman watched, but in an instant dropped to the floor and pressed against it, harshly. The camera was sweeping the room again.

Both had their breath held. Both were silent. Both were still. Both were intent.

The camera shyed away, and the woman reached to the pillar that the statue rested upon. The seemingly solid pillar was not as appeared, and she flipped open some sort of hatch; a case, containing wires. Was she looking for something?

Almost the instant the camera turned, the male took his chance and whipped his gun from its place. It was already cocked, and aimed at her head. Smart enough to know where each beam was laid out; he studied; he held it at point blank range, in the right angle so nothing would be set off... except maybe the sound monitor, but that wasn't hard to deal with.

The woman reached both hands into the hatch, and glared up behind the glass at him; she had pale blue eyes that were like ice.

"Fuck off."

The male had the idea that she wanted the prize for herself and wouldn't back away, so he narrowed his eyes, and reached towards the glass casing.

The female ripped her hands from the wires, using one as support, and the other aimed her glock at the man.

He held a slight mischievous smirk onto his face.

"I'll shoot your fucking hand off." She snarled, lowly.

"I'll shoot your fucking head off." He replied, easily. Was he trained in meeting with other thieves?

The woman slammed out a hand onto the glass case. It appeared that she had managed to dealarm the beam mesh around the case. Sleekly, she pulled the glass off, and turned to smile pleasantly at him. She tossed the statue into her hand.

He still had that sly smirk upon his face as he tugged the brim of his hat over his eyes. And he had feinted her. He stepped back, directly into the red laser beams in back of him. A trick he had always used. A trick he had learned by himself. Those years and years of practice had paid off, more than once.

The security system blared. Sirens sounded. They wailed loudly, the sound of it echoing through the large museum room sounded deafening.

The woman narrowed her eyes. It was perceptible that she was surprised, and she was pissed because of it. Hurridly, she rushed out of the room, towards the unsuspecting basement and it's jacked open window.

The male swiftly took off through the front entrance, and down the cool marble steps. Harshly, he tossed himself behind the building and its designer shrubbary.

The wail of police sirens came closer. The red and blue lights went into view.

With a hop, he managed to get himself below the block shaped bushes that surrounded the side of the museum. The police had not noticed him, and rushed into the museum.

Because he was overridden with relief and happiness, he had not noticed until he had a cold metal gun pressed deeply into his back.

The woman had slipped over the roof and had come seeking revenge.

"You prick." She sounded pissed. "You fucking asshole. You almost blew it."

He was frozen, but he managed to get up so he could stand straight, instead of that straining position he was in, hands risen in the air like a prisoner.

"That was the point." A grin grew upon his face as an idea lit up in his eyes, and he yelped viciously, then screeched for the police.

The woman was startled again. This thief was so different from the rest; he was just chalk full of surprises. She slid off into the shadows of the building quickly and harshly, and the man resumed to throw himself over the block bushes and run out down the sidewalk, using his long legs to his advantage.

The few remaining police glanced to the general direction of the yell, but it was so skewed by the echoing of the building that they could not tell where it had originally come, and therefor had missed both thieves entirely. They had no clue.