It's been a While. By- Lita's Daughter/Chibi Makota

It's been a while, since we last spoke. A couple weeks almost, maybe more. It's been a while, since we last saw each other. 3,500 miles, most likely more.

It's been a while, now that I'm gone, since I said home. Over a month since I've had one. It's been a while, where are you now? Do you think of me often?

Like the waves that crash on the beach today, It seems like my life crashes around me. Like the sea nettles that float aimlessly in the water, I have no aim myself.

Because it's been a while, To long of a while, Since you said my name, Since you gave me a hug and cried with me.

But yet it hasn't, I can still hear your voice. See your face. It hasn't been a while.

But I still miss you.

To- Matt, Shelby, KayLynn, Misty, Lindsey, Melissa, and all my friends in Washington.