I try to stand-alone

I succeeded for a while

But your one-word answers are eating at me

Making me loose my smile

I thought that I was stronger

Able to go on without you

Your actions wear down my walls

I just want this to be through

But no, because I want you back

At the time it seemed right

To not be us anymore

Now I cower in fright

Fright of being alone

I'm not ready for this

I don't know how to go on without you

Now everything in my life is amiss

But you seem to know

You are always perfect

Everything that you do

Reinforces that I am a reject

Not worthy of you

Your praise, your love

But you don't want me

And now no one does

You tell all these lies about us

Turning everyone against me

You are just pushing me down again

What can I do to make you see?

I thought that I was strong

But you are the thing I need

Without you, I am nothing

And you are making my heart bleed …