Because He Loved Me

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I could hear the taunts and cries from so far away
I would have never guessed what would happen this day
I ran toward the scene on weak and feeble knees
And when I was closer I heard the muffled pleas
I saw a bloody form hanging on a cross with a crowd gathered around
They were spitting and yelling insults at him, I tried to block the sound
I pushed my way to the front of the crowd so I could see
I saw his bloody face and realized that he was staring at me
I couldn't stand to see him like this; I wanted to run away
But as I turned to run, his eyes seemed to beg me to stay
So instead I ran to him, fell on my knees, and wept
The crowd became silent as they watched me, my heart lept
I had to ask Him, the question was driving me insane
Why did you do this for me? Why did you have to suffer all this pain?
He didn't have to answer, his eyes told me why
And then my heart melted as I began to cry
He did it because he loved me
And because of this, my soul is set free

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