Monday to Sunday
By Meg Gibbs, who can't shut up

I can't say why I feel this way
I'm getting use to it
But sorrow I can't do
With grace and elegance
I sob like a kid
And wail the night away
Sorrow I can't do

But loneliness I know
In my heart and in my soul
Sorrow means nothing
If you ain't got soul
And loneliness is just another word
For being alive
Or so it feels some days

And to me, Mondays aren't so bad
They're not so sad
And Tuesdays come and go
And Wednesday's got hope
And Thursdays we survive
Just so we can get to Friday
And Friday nights I love

And Saturday, oh Saturday
Nothing doing, nothing said
But Sundays are the days
I feel come too often
Because after Sunday comes Monday
And then we start all over again

But tomorrow, be it Monday, Sunday,
Thursday, anything
Its tomorrow
And I'm getting sick of tomorrows
Being tomorrow and hearing
People say live today
Cause I'm alive
And sometimes it isn't enough
And I think I'm trying harder than I look
And I'm hoping I'm accomplishing more
Than it appears
Cause I'm living today like it was tomorrow
And letting yesterday be gone
Cause it won't come back
And there's nothing harder than living up to
Your own expectations
Cause they're never high enough and always
Just out of reach
And we're stuck here
In the middle as always
And there's nothing harder
Than taking credit where it's due
Taking blame when it belongs to you
And I'm living this day
Like it's a day
And maybe I'm not really living at all
But tough
I've always gone my way
And some days I hate it
But there isn't any other path I want
And if you try to put me on another road
I won't go
I may not always be happy
And I'm rarely productive
But I'm me
And that counts for something
And I'm getting sick of being
Nothin' but a moody teenager
Stuck in the middle of nowhere
I want to be happy,
But sometimes melancholy can be so sweet
And I'm alive
Maybe I'm not living
But dammit I'm alive
Living Monday to Sunday
Or maybe it's the other way.
Nothing is forever
And I'm still here
And nothing ever ends
Just begins something new.

By Meg Gibbs
Copyright Meg Gibbs and ONLY Meg Gibbs