POW-Prisoner of War New Beginnings 2: Bishounen

Hello, it is I, Bishounen, the hokori-jin no ouji! Did you miss me? We haven't talked in a while, and I'm sure that my beautiful face was missed! I suppose it's been quite a while since you've seen me..

But, anyway.

I'm sure you're wondering about Miss Spanx's dramatic ending, ne?

Well, you shan't worry for me! For, I am Bishounen, the prince of the hokori-jin! Spanx-san is merely too dramatic.

There I was.

Spanx-san had left me all alone, the uncaring, selfish baka that she is. I was terribly bored, after all, nothing in the room was of any interest to me. I found Spanx's bag, which she had abandoned beside her chair in her anger.

I found lipstick, other sorts of make-up, pens, a package of hair doodly- things, perfume (very smelly perfume), a change of clothing, and one thing that astounded me! Inside of a laminated package was a picture of the both of us, smiling together.

What made it even stranger was the fact that I couldn't remember this particular event. Never had I recalled the both of us being so close, and yet, being so happy.

Then, suddenly, I heard a sound and my name was shrieked from behind me.

Spanx-san appeared out of nowhere and grappled me!!


"What?" I wondered, not hearing what she had asked from my daze.

"Why were you going through my bag?" she asked, a bit more reasonably, yet not letting me go.


"Never mind!" she yelled. "Gimme that!" She snatched her bag from the floor and released me.

"Spanx-san?" I wondered, rubbing the back of my neck.

"What is it, peanut brain?" she snapped back at me.

"Were you worried for me?" I asked, slyly.

"WHAT?" the vampiress shrieked, turning bright red. "Are you kidding?? That's ludicrous! How dare you even suggest such a ridiculous and stupid thing??"

"My dear Spanx-san," I began, "you're slurring your words. I think you were worried."

"Hey!" she yelled, hovering closer to my face. "I'm not your anything! We're both married, get a life!"

I stuck out my tongue in disgust. "Spanx-san, I wasn't flirting with you. That's abhorrent!"

"Well, then, STOP suggesting such things!!" she screamed, looking about ready to kick something..probably me..definitely me..

"Spanx-san, I really don't want to be stuck in here forever, won't you take me with you, please?" I begged. With a person like Miss Spanx, it is always best to let her thinks she's right, and give in to what she wants to hear. Not that I didn't really want to leave, though.

She sneered. "As long as you don't cling to me like a sad, lost puppy dog!" she shouted. "And, if you learn how to cook."

My jaw dropped. "Cook? But, Spanx-san, I don't think-"

"Bishounen," Spanx hissed, "I realize that you don't want to get your hands dirty or whatever, but someone has to cook, and it isn't gonna be me!!"

I scowled. "Fine. But, don't you dare complain about it!"

"As long as you don't," she returned.

"Oh-kay. Now that we've worked out all the details, are you ready to go?"

"Yeah. Let's go."


Miss Ichigo Spanx (as she prefers to be called) showed me the way through the ventilation pipes. I refused; it was, of course, too disgusting for a prince like me!

Then, she shoved me into it and I had no choice in the matter.

I crawled around in icky spider webs and various other gross things that had made their way into the pipe. Miss Ichigo Spanx is a very pushy person.

I suddenly stopped, seeing a giant void in front of me. Miss Ichigo Spanx ran into me, nearly making me fall out into nothingness. I made a small sound of distressed surprise and she groaned.

"Bishounen, I am TRYING my very HARDEST to get along with you," she began. "But, if you insist on acting like a complete idiot-"

"Spanx-san!" I interrupted. "Look!"

She crawled beside me and viewed the empty void.

"Wow!" she exclaimed. "It must be a portal into another dimension!"

I stared into it. 'It' was hard to describe, except to say that there was nothing there. The pipe I was sitting on abruptly stopped right at the edge. More of it was continually being taken over by the void, having the effect of the ocean on the sand.

If Spanx-san and I sat right where we were for another hour, we would have disappeared into it.

"Bish," she whispered, using a nickname to address me for the first time, "touch it. See what it is."

"I'm not touching it!" I shrieked. I didn't want to be consumed!"

"Oh, come on!" she snapped. "What'll it hurt?"

"What'll it hurt??" I retorted. "It'll hurt me!"

There was a banging sound behind us.

"Touch it already!" she screamed, giving me a shove. That shove is what changed my life forever. I lost my balance and as I went to stop myself with my hand, one of my fingers was doused in the void. There as a burning sensation that lasted for only a millisecond, but the feeling lasted for a long time.

I caught myself staring at my finger when Spanx-san shouted, "What? What happened? Does it hurt for real??"

I snapped back to consciousness. "No," I answered softly. "It doesn't hurt." I felt calm. Calmer than I had ever felt. Calmer than I should have felt.

"Let's go," Spanx-san whispered, "I think-" She was unable to finish, because just then she was grabbed from behind by a burly man. It was very strange to see the heavyset figure crouched in the confining pipe. "Hey!" the vampire cried. "Let go of me, you jerk!" He held her tight. I didn't feel the need to help or panic or run away. I felt completely at ease.

"You homo-sapiens don't belong near the Kryogg!" the man hissed. "It's untested on non-Ta-jin!"

"What is it?" I wondered, slowly, not really caring what the answer was.

"Classified!" was the last thing he shouted before grabbing my shoulder and dragging Spanx-san and me out of there.


We were finally back in the same room we had woken up in. The one with nothing in it.

Spanx-san angrily paced back and forth, cursing at the man who had thrown her in.

And I was calm.


It was sometime later, I didn't bother to count the seconds or anything, but Spanx-san suddenly walked over and bapped me on the head. It wasn't as hard as she usually does it. No, it was more like ruffling my hair.

"What's the matter with you?" she asked, gruffly. "You're not annoying me."

"Nothing is the matter, Miss Spanx," I replied, much more interested in the ceiling than in her.

"Yes. Something IS the matter," she insisted.

"Have it your way," I said, shrugging. "Something is the matter, then."

"What is your deal??" she demanded. "You're ignoring me or-or-something!"

"Am I?" I wondered, blankly. "Sorry."

She suddenly stared at me, worriedly. "Bishounen, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, Miss Spanx," I told her again. She just didn't seem to understand what I was telling her.

"Bishounen.." She looked at me, misty-eyed.

"Yes, Miss Spanx?"

"Are you oh-kay? You aren't acting like yourself."

"I'm not?" I asked, still believing her to be losing her mind.

"No. You're not," she said, decidedly. "And I don't like it."


It was sometime later that the doctor, Kame, summoned us for our test results and some more testing.

"Well," he said, scratching his head, dumbfounded, "nothing's wrong with you," he directed to Spanx-san, "but you..." he said to me. "You have problems, buddy."

"What kind of problems?" I inquired, casually.

"Mental problems," was the answer.

I stared at him.

"Oh-kay," Kame said, nervously, "moving on, would one of you kindly step over here to the exercise enhancement machine?"

When neither of us moved, Kame suggested Spanx-san going first. We had no argument.

Spanx-san was guided to a machine similar to a treadmill with a breathing apparatus attached.

He placed the breathing machine over the front of her face and instructed her to begin running.

She did.

He recorded some results he got and took her through a series of other tests. When he was satisfied, she was allowed to sit back down and I was summoned.

The mask was put over my face and I began to run. I felt like I was in a race, a race against time and space and everything! I ran faster and faster and faster until I felt a hand on my back, and a voice telling me to stop.

Kame stared at me astounded. I realized where I was and what I was supposed to be doing.

"Amazing! What have you been eating??" he cried, jotting down words on his clipboard.

"Nothing whatsoever," Spanx-san muttered from a corner of the room.

"That's remarkable!" the doctor shrieked. "Now, for the rest of the tests-"


All of the tests were a breeze, to me. They had tired out Miss Ichigo Spanx, though.

Kame said that he had never in all of his years seen anything like this, except in one case.

"In that one case, a homo-sapien research project touched the Kryogg," he told us. "You didn't touch it, did you?"

"He did," Spanx-san said, flatly.

"I can fix you right up!" Kame exclaimed. He then took a large mallet...


"WAKE UP, YOU LAZY OUJI!!!!" a shrill voice screamed at me.

I slowly opened my eyes. "My head hurts," I groaned, closing my eyes again at the bright lights.

There was a gasping sound. "Bishounen! You're back!!"

"Bishounen," I wondered, dazedly, "is that my name?"

"Oh, get over it. You've been hit on the head too many times to get amnesia now," Spanx-san mumbled, rolling me on my side with her feet. "Now, get up!"

"It's too early," I complained.

"Fine, but you won't get any breakfast!" she squealed, teasingly.

"Breakfast??" I shrieked, sitting straight up, wide-eyed.

"That's right," Spanx-san announced, proudly. "Kame was so impressed with your test results, that he brought us breakfast!"

"Test.." I suddenly remembered. "I'm not hungry, Spanx-san."

He eyes grew wide. "Do you have a fever??"

"No. I just don't want any breakfast," I replied, sadly. Upon remembering the tests, my world had been shattered.


Bishounen got all touchy at the mention of the tests and the doctor. I decided to leave him alone and let him work it out himself.

Within the hour, he had come around and eaten breakfast, and acted normally. Of course, this was not something I particularly delighted in.

He pulled a CD player from his bag, and slapped on the earphones.

It wasn't TOO annoying until he started trying to sing along.

"Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, hmm, dum, la, lala, one kiss and yeah, honey, hmm.."

I could hear the song, since he had the thing blaring at maximum noise- level, supporting my theory of his deafness. I knew the song. I could have grabbed a microphone and started singing it right there. The fact that he couldn't made me very, very angry.

"Tra-la-la, sing, blob, french fry.."

"Oh-kay!!" I screamed. "ENOUGH!!" I ripped the stereo from him and threw it to the floor, shattering it.

"Spanx-SAAAAAAAAAAN!!!" he wailed, hysterically. "That's MINE!!!"

"Exactly why I broke it," I told him. A glittering from the pile of shattered pieces caught my eye. I looked closer to find an enhancement chip, totally intact. "Bishounen!" I gasped. "What's this doing in your stereo??"

"I dunno," he replied, having completely recovered from his wailing.

Ecstatically, I all but dumped my computer out of my satchel. "I can enhance my computer with this thing! I can find a way out of here! We can LIVE!!"


"Oh, just fine!" I replied, fully realizing that it wasn't a question. I popped the chip into the backside of my laptop and turned the switch on. It turned on much quicker and the programs were much more heightened in quality.

I giggled, maniacally. "Yes. Now I am the queen."


After Miss Ichigo Spanx lost her mind I decided to salvage what was left of my stereo player. All of it was broken, even the compact disk. I don't know what in the world makes her so moody.

When she started laughing, like an insane witch, I decided to scoot over to the far corner of the dome. Though, domes cannot form corners, since they are spherical.

I sighed. I wished I knew what that thingie that started with a K did to me. And how we were gonna get out of that dome. And when Spanx-san was gonna stop laughing.

Suddenly, I heard a giant, blasting sound to my right. Where Spanx-san had been sitting. Slowly, I turned my head to stare at a big hole in the wall. Beside it, Miss Spanx was giggling like mad again.

"Hahaha, BOW BEFORE ME, oh 'mighty' ouji, for I AM YOUR GODDESS!!!" she crowed.

"Um.." I gaped at her and the hole she had made.

"Let's go!" Spanx-san cried, hopping up and running through the hole.

I shrugged and followed her.

She kept walking on and on, not stopping, even for complaints that I occasionally gave to her.

Finally, she halted, nearly causing me to bump into her, an action that could have easily cost me my life.

We had arrived at a wall. And she decided to stop. At the wall.

She pointed to it.

"Something's behind it," she hissed.

I put my ear to the wall and listened. I heard laughter and voices and music.

"Sounds like a party," I said, thoughtfully.

Spanx-san stared at me, and then she smirked. I sweatdropped. Whatever it was, I wouldn't like it. Of that, I was certain.


"I don't wanna do it!!!" I wailed. She had told me of her plan. It involved the both of us sneaking into the party, acting as each other's date, and getting along. I didn't like it, just as I had wagered.

"Well, too bad!" she yelled. "We're doing it whether you like it or not!! Now, be princely and take my arm when we go in, ya jerk."

I stuck out my tongue at her and prepared for the worst.


Which is exactly what I got.

As if having Spanx-san attached to my arm wasn't bad enough, I heard older people commenting on how cute of a couple we are.

The party was no party, but a ball. I wished that Spanx-san were dressed in something a bit more...well, ruffly. She looked her normal self, which bears a large resemblance to an old witch, brewing a spell.

There were mostly older couples, gathered in different sections of the room, chattering, or eating. Hardly any of them were actually dancing, which is what one should never do at a ball. They were doing the proper thing, while humans are very wrong.

It's very strange how much those aliens bore a resemblance to us. It was as if they weren't anything to the mythology that takes place on earth of them.

Spanx all but dragged me onto the dance floor, which had multi-colored lights flashing around it. This resulted in a terrible migraine, of which I had never experienced before. I had probably been spending too much time around Spanx-san.

I began to wonder if she was enjoying herself, tormenting me.

She wrapped her arms around me, and I barely brushed her sides, in a dancing motion. I looked at her, disgusted.

"Having fun?" I wondered, sticking out my tongue, and closing one eye.

"Are you?" she replied, mockingly.

I spun her around, making a lovely crick in her neck.

She spun herself back, snapping her neck back the other way and quickly dipped me, making me arch my back, in a painful manner.

I shot back up and raised her over my head and twirled her around, as if we were ice skating, and then "accidentally" dropped her on the floor.

"Oops," I said, smiling.

She looked dizzy for a moment, before jumping back to her feet and saying, "Oops this!"

She hopped up on my shoulders, then stood up and used me to propel herself up to the chandelier. Once there, she swung back and forth a few times, before launching off of it and kicking me in the back. I fell.

Once I stood up, and was preparing to retaliate to the attack, I noticed an uproar of cheers and applause. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed our performance.

"You!" someone shrieked. "You won't escape ever again!"

I felt something big, something scary. I didn't see anything, though.

Spanx-san shouted, "Bishounen!! Watch it!!"

I turned my head quickly and I saw it. It was bright, orange-colored, cylindrical.

Everything happened in slow motion, so to speak. I froze. I couldn't move, no matter how much I wanted to get out of the way. There was a blur that zipped past and stopped between myself and the object coming toward me.

Once I realized what was happening, it was much too late.

"Spanx-saaaaaaann!!!!" I screamed.

On the impact from the blast, her fragile body rocked back, suddenly, and then fell down.

I stared at the spot she had been. And, blackness took over.


From my spot on the floor, where I lie bleeding, slowly losing consciousness, I saw Bishounen. He was glowing with a black aura. It was really scary. He looked so angry. His eyes had lost everything that had once been there, and looked empty, and dead.

I know it sounds ridiculous, but if you look in Bishounen's eyes, you can see little glossy hearts. It's kind of freaky, but sweet.

He walked forward and raised a finger to the one who had attacked us. A pile of dust lay where he had been.

Bishounen, still black-engulfed and dead-eyed, picked me up, and we disappeared. We reappeared in a shaded area, with a small amount of light filtering in. Then, I lost consciousness.


It was as if I was awakening from a nightmare, and plunging into another.

When my eyes opened, I saw Spanx-san, lying in my arms, and I immediately presumed that she was dead. So I cried.

I cried until they found me.